Prepare for Rain

“If you’re not preparing for what you’re praying for, you’re the reason for the delay.”

How many times have you prayed for something in your business and then wondered why it never showed up? Perhaps you’ve even silently accused God for not hearing and responding to your need? What about sitting in struggle because you’re not sure what to do next?

In my own business, I realized that it wasn’t enough to pray for God to bless my business. I realized that I needed to prepare for God to bless my business. In this deeply vulnerable and transparent episode, I share what I am doing RIGHT NOW to prepare my business for rain, based on one of my favorite movies (like I watch it at least once a month favorite), Facing the Giants.

Rain means different things at different stages in your business. Understanding what it means for you right now is essential for creating the processes, procedures, and protocols to welcome the rain. If you haven’t yielded your business to God as the CEO and resolved to give Him your best and leave the results to his discretion, I submit to you, that this one shift could change the game for ever.

Listen in to discover:

  • 15 powerful lessons from Facing the Giants
  • Three practical steps to prepare your business for rain
  • Three powerful questions to ask yourself so that you can positively influence your business’ success this year

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