Put More in You than On You

I recently heard a comment that stopped me dead in my tracks….”Today, people are entertainment minded instead of achievement minded.” I stopped and let those words sink into my spirit and suddenly it made sense. We are more concerned with the latest and greatest and what this performer, actor, actress, etc is doing with that one than we are for our own ability to achieve our goals in life.

I was saddened as I continued to consider the possibility of the truth of that statement. As the CEO of an empowerment firm, of course this notion goes against everything that I do, everything that I believe but there is validity in the statement; people put more on them, than they put in them. It’s a fact. I don’t even know if we realize it. Say I (or any other motivational speaker) was having an empowerment event on the same night that your girlfriends were in from out of town and wanted to hit the club. Maybe you had intended to come to my event, but because they felt that there money would be better spent if they were “dropping it like it’s hot,” you relent and go with them to the club. There’s not much fulfilment in making that choice, but countless make it every week. And more over, they don’t even care….

What does it matter if you have the latest and greatest clothes if you haven’t achieved a goal you set for yourself in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years or more?

I am in prayer that people will start to put more in them by:
1. Spending 15 minutes a day reading something empowerment in nature. Do you realize that if you read just 15 minutes a day, over 2 years, you will have the ability to increase your income substantially based on what you have been reading? 15 minutes a day equates to a minimum of 26 books a year.
2. Instead of listening to the radio when in the car, listening to a CD that will add value to their life – a previous sermon from your pastor, a motivational speaker’s cd or a book on cd, which can be rented from the library.
3. Reappropriating their entertainment budget so that some of the budget can be used to solidify goal achievement and invest in themselves instead of material possessions.

This holiday season buy your children a book in addition to the video game; spending time reading together instead of watching television, focus on giving them something that can add value to their life instead of just entertaining them…they will thank you in the long run.

Be Incredible,

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