Rewind: The Worthiness Debate

This episode originally aired weeks before Covid-19 was a thing, and now that we are approaching the final month in the year that none of us was ready for, we need to get one thing straight – there is no debate, you are worthy. As you listen back to this rewind, I am hoping that you see what I see – a brilliant entrepreneur ready to continue their journey to Next Level Everything.

If you are struggling to take your business to the next level, I bet that part of the challenge is that you are unsure if you are worthy of next level success. If you think that, you wouldn’t be alone. I used to feel the same way and everyday I talk with entrepreneurs who can’t bring themselves to raise their rates, go after their dream clients, or take a leap of faith in their businesses… all because of this six-letter word that has kept more people stalled in their business than any other thing: worthy.

In this episode, I keep it real with you – you are worthy and I will prove it. And I will also share my top three tips for raising your deserve level so that you can finally take your life and business to the next level.

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