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In today’s marketplace, many entrepreneurs struggle with consistently attracting their ideal clients using marketing systems and strategies. It’s believed that this challenge stems from a lack of taking the time to get clear about who your products and services were created for. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs start a business out of lack or desperation instead of with a clear plan and strategy. When this happens, those entrepreneurs will consistently find themselves behind the 8-ball in their businesses because they do not have a calculated method of attracting clients and growing their business.

Many believe that marketing is something you can do when you need to and that it can easily be done to produce results. Unfortunately, this is a big misconception in business. Marketing is essential; what I like to call oxygen for your business – without it your business will die because your ideal clients aren’t receiving information that suggests that you exist to solve their problem. To alleviate this challenge, I recommend that you create a detailed ideal client profile. In doing so, you will become crystal clear about whom you desire to work with and the problems they are experiencing. Your marketing materials will then speak to them in such a way that they will choose you as the solution to their problems. When you’ve taken the time to complete a client profile, you will find yourself ready to create compelling marketing materials that immediately speak the language that your ideal clients understand and take action as a result of.

Until you learn how to speak the language of your ideal clients, it will be like trying to call your scattered friends and family together for a meal using a dog whistle – they won’t hear you and as a result they won’t take action. But when you do learn to speak their language, the benefits to your business will include:

1. An influx of ideal clients who recognize the solution you offer to their problems. Remember, people purchase when the problem they have is causing pain and they want to alleviate the pain. They chose from people they know, like and trust who have proven to offer the exact solution they need. When your marketing materials clearly speak to your clients, you won’t have room enough to manage the requests they will submit for your services.

2. Referrals from your ideal clients who quickly become your unpaid sales force, sharing with everyone they know that you are exactly what is needed to solve a problem. When we have received great service, we can’t stop talking about it. If you are able to speak their language and successfully deliver exactly what they needed with results and benefits, your ideal clients will start telling everyone they know and they will all start seeking you out as the solution they also need to ease their pain.

3. Increased exposure, a sense of fulfillment and more income – okay this is really three benefits rolled into one. The key here is that when it’s clear that you are talking to a person who you can help, you get personal satisfaction. Your Incredible Factor is changing lives and solving problems, which leads to success stories that increase your exposure and more income. The value of the service you provide goes up with every ounce of clarity you represent in the marketplace.

So go ahead and speak up, they can’t hear you.

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