The Confidence Curve

No matter where I have gone, both online and off, I always get asked this question: Darnyelle, how can I get confidence like yours?

And while I honestly never really thought that my confidence was something to marvel at, I have come to realize that there are many business owners, especially women, who don’t own their Incredible Factor.

Enter the Confidence Curve™, just a little something I created to help my clients and business owners alike who struggle with portraying confidence in themselves at the times they need it most in their business. In this episode, I detail the dilemma plaguing women business owners and how they can shorten the curve to leveraging it in every area of their life. If you’ve ever felt like your confidence was in short supply or low confidence has impacted the way you show up in your business, this episode is for you.

Listen in to discover:

  • 4 ways to put your confidence on display in the times you need it most
  • Why confidence is the new currency
  • How to give yourself time and space to step into a more confident version of yourself without impacting your business and losing clients

This episode is powered by Incredible Factor University. If you need help closing the gap between you and your next money milestone, learn more today.

Powerful Quotes from the Episode

“Having Confidence is how you thank God for creating you.”

“Being confident is the best way to close new clients.”

“Something magical happens when you show up confidently in every area of your life.”

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