The ONE Thing You Must Have to Find JOY in Your Life and Business

I have to warn you.  This week, I’m not offering you any content-rich strategies to find your next client, make your next thousand dollars or book your next speaking engagement.  Instead, I want to share something with you from my heart.  And if you ask me, this is even more important that any tangible strategy I could ever utter.

I was having a conversation with a friend recently and something that I said kind of stuck with me.  I shared with them that part of the reason that I have shifted my focus slightly in my company is that I am after a pursuit of joy.

Joy, as I define it, is a consistent state of knowing that not only are all things working together for your good but that in all things you can breath, smile, appreciate and experience God’s best.

To me, joy is about abundance and abundance is fullness, meaning that nothing is lacking.  And in my humble opinion, the only way you can truly experience joy and abundance is if God has a role to play in your life and business and everything else.

Sadly so many entrepreneurs and small business owners are so busy going through the motions in their business that they aren’t finding and experiencing the joy. And don’t get it twisted.  Yes, you may see some people who are rich and “successful” but often they are empty and lacking love, happiness or other very important intangibles.  So don’t believe the hype.  Joy comes ONLY with a divine connection and spiritual foundation in every aspect of your life.

Think back to why you started your business.  Perhaps it was out of necessity, but I’m betting that your focus was tied in part to something bigger than yourself.  Dare I say it: the pursuit to offer change to the world?!  But something happened; you unplugged from your source of joy and as a result something in your business changed.  After all, if there is a problem in your business, it is because there is a problem in your life.

In every situation, there is a joy if your focus shifts from what you see and fixates on what you believe in your heart.  The fact is, it can be hard when you have Incredible SNATCHERS all around you to find your joy. But you must PRESS – Persistently Run Expecting Supernatural Success – if you want to find and experience your joy.

Watch this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV where I speak my mind about joy:

I am often reminded and refer my clients to the feelings chart that is in the book Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  While I have taken the liberty to add a few emotions to their base list, I find that identifying your joy or the lack there of stems from the basic premises that our feelings and beliefs affect our thoughts and actions.

Let me demonstrate:  When it comes to your business, which of the following emotions do you feel more:  Gratitude or Fear?

I’m sure that you’ve heard someone (if not me directly) inform you that whenever you are fearful, you cannot be grateful.  In my humble opinion, the impetus to joy and abundance is gratitude.  Being grateful that God, for God, to God for whatever you are experiencing, wanting, desiring, living.   Yes, I said it: You can’t have JOY without having God be a part of your life and business.  And I will take it one step farther and say that businesses that have a spiritual foundation go farther, faster.

So my recommendation to you, Incredible One, is that you not only find your joy BUT you make experiencing it daily your business so that your business can truly change lives.

This has been Darnyelle A. Jervey speaking my mind.

Now, I want to hear from you….what’s your two cents?  How has what I’ve shared today impacted you?  What do you have to add?

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