The Seed of Ungratefulness

Today, I don’t have a special quote for you….today I want you to be honest with yourself and in authenticity, I want you to simply ask yourself one question: “Is there anything that I am ungrateful for that may be the root of my current situation?”

What I know for sure is that you cannot conquer what you refuse to confront and if you want to live from a space of gratitude 365, 24/7, you must identify, acknowledge, own and change your disposition by changing the seed.

I know this is an interesting spin on the eve of Thanksgiving but I sometimes feel that Thanksgiving is a very cliche holiday. I mean people are bound everyday of their lives because they are not honest and open to change yet on one day, magically, they celebrate the things for which they are grateful….I believe that everyday that I open my eyes is Thanksgiving; I do not wait until the 4th Thursday of November to express my gratitude to God, friends, customer, clients, etc. I share as it happens, live and in full effect. If you have been following me, you also know that I spend a minimum of 5 minutes before my feet hit the floor each morning in gratitude….grateful for everything…big, little, small, seemingly insignificant…grateful for it all.

While conducting a group coaching session recently, I posed the question above to my clients and I was impressed and grateful for their authenticity. They honestly shared what in their lives they are not grateful for….my follow up question was, what are you going to do to change that? I ask the same follow up question to you…

As always, I have a few points that can change the Seed of ungratefulness in Your life to a fruit ripe for the harvest….

1. See the ungrateful – Deliverance or the uprooting of bad seed starts first when you see it. My favorite book makes it clear that without vision, the people will perish. If you cannot see what you do not like about your existence, you cannot alter it in anyway. Life is far too short to be living in a space of ungratefulness but so many people wear blinders from the truth and just meander in mediocrity day after day…

2. Take Responsiblity for the ungrateful – again I say you can’t conquer what you are unwilling to confront. And by confronting, I mean taking ownership of your mess…there will never be change if we act as if we are perfect and our lives don’t stink….

3. Make a decision to change the ungrateful – make a non-negotiable decision that whatever it is in your life right now that you do not feel grateful for, chnage it, get rid of it, dig up the foul ground….Be honest with who you are and decide that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of THIS THING constantly rearing its ugly head on your life….Change happens as soon as you decide to change

4. Do something about the ungrateful. Don’t just make the decision that it has to go, put it out! Take ACTION! Take authority over that thing and put it in the box to the left (as Beyonce’ sings about in her song, Irreplaceable) Then of course you know what I’m going to tell you to do….BURN the BOX!!!!!

There are many things for which you can and should be grateful, in fact, you should be grateful for every experience, lesson, person, place or thing that comes into your life. Good, bad or indifferent there is a reason for it, get the lesson and move on in gratitude. Having an attitude of gratitude at all times makes you the cup and then you can control the overflow and make sure that you always have more than enough so that you can give freely unto others….

Be honest with yourself…What are you ungrateful for? Get the help of a Life Coach to dig up the foul ground, plant new seed and water that seed while they help you to wait on your harvest….

At Incredible One Enterprises, it is our goal to define and unleash the Incredible in you. We are bringing Incredible back. Our Burn the Box Coaching Program is transforming lives and enabling people to become an active participant in their success. They are getting Big RESULTS. We’d love to help you. Request a FREE coaching consultation today at

Be Honest….Be Authentic…Be Grateful…Be Incredible

And Happy Thanksgiving…

Copyright (c) 2009 by Darnyelle A. Jervey. All Rights Reserved.

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