The Universal Law of Business

In this short episode of the Incredible Factor Business Podcast, I get right to business.  And by business, I’m speaking of the Universal Law of Business. The fact is entrepreneurs solve problems for profit and if you’re not looking at your business that way, it’s likely the reason why you have yet to unlock six-figure cash flow.

I can remember when I first got to corporate and heard what today I’d call business 101 – find a need a fill it, well I’ve deepened that to say find a problem and solve it.

So listen in to understand the Universal Law of Business, another key foundational principle of the work I do at Incredible Factor University.  I will be honest, although this episode is short and sweet, I share something that, once understood, will shift the trajectory of your business, for real. Most entrepreneurs struggle with their messaging so, I’m going to through in more key insight around what I call a SPICE Problem™ and SPICE Outcome to help you take the Universal Law of Business to the next level.

Listen in to discover:

  • What the universal law of business is and how you can leverage it to close the gap between where you are now and where you want your business to be
  • The 4 things your message must do to turn prospects into paying clients
  • A powerful exercise I recommend to get clear on how to deepen the Universal Law of Business so that you begin to show up powerfully to your prospective clients

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