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“If you know your purpose, you shouldn’t be sitting down; that is the sign of finished work. If your purpose has been set, there’s much to do.” Darnyelle A. Jervey

Why in the world are you here? Have you figured it out? Have you even begun to think about what your place on this earth was secured to do? If not, I invite you to start to give it significant thought. Here’s the thing, until you know why you are here, you will wander aimlessly. How will you know that you;’ve arrived at your destination if you have no clue why and when you are to go? Meandering through life is for the birds, and I believe that even the birds understand their purpose and work diligently each day in their created purpose.

So many people, because they lack definitive purpose, are straying from what they were called to do. They are trying to take the freeway and are straddling multiple lanes; all they are really doing is perpetuating a serious accident! The key is to try a lot of things while looking inward to find what you love and would do for free. I promise you that if you would do it for free, there are people who would pay you to do it for them! But that process of Inspecting the Incredible that I am talking about in just about every blog is so key to understanding your purpose and deciding which lane is yours on the freeway of life. You get to find your purpose! Get excited; it is about the realization of what makes you tick, where you feel comfortable and where your home is. It’s not about what anyone else thinks that you were created to do; it’s all about you….

Upon receiving the revelation, it is imperative that you acquire significant vision. Helen Keller says “there is nothing more pathetic then one who has sight yet has no vision.” So, you must start to do as one of my favorite books says “begin with the end in mind.” (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Covey) So, how do you propose I do that, Darnyelle. I am glad you asked. I believe in the power of visualization and thoughts that lead to the things we want in our life. Another one of my favorite books says “we have not because we ask not and if any man ask and believes and doesn’t doubt that he will receive what he asked for, it shall be given to him.” So, we need to put it out there exactly how we want it and I believe a great way to do that is by using a vision board. I will include a picture of mine for your review. I use a cork board, because I think it makes it easier to make updates/modifications when necessary. Remember, burn the box, gone are the days of glue sticks and arts and crafts!

With a set vision, you will help your thoughts turn into the things that you would like to have in your life. Everything on your vision board should not be materialistic, if there are things about your personality that you’d like to modify, put them on your board as well.

The key is this, find your purpose, you will find your passion and then naturally you will get busy working because it won’t seem like work. You won’t be found sitting down in front of the television trying to figure out what is happening on the reality show du jour, you will be busy working, walking into your vision and realizing that there is much to do becauce your purpose has been set and people need what you were created to do.

Be Incredible,

Darnyelle A. Jervey is a sought after speaker, author and consultant aptly deemed the Burn the Box Coach dedicated to the empowerment of others. For more information, visit her website:

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