Three Signs That You’re Out of Alignment in Your Business

As I shared in my personal note in my ezine this week, getting into alignment is something on the hearts and minds of people in 2017 and I couldn’t be happier. Having undergone my own journey to get back in alignment, I know firsthand how challenging life can be without it!

Watch this video to recognize when you’re out of alignment:

Here are three clues that you’re out of alignment:

1. You’re stressed, fearful, etc. When we are in fear, we are out of alignment because fear is the lowest emotion there is and who we are and were created to be are people who experience the highs of life. Whenever you’re emotionally drained by anything, it’s a good indication that something’s just not right.

2. You’re missing opportunities. “When a man’s mind is consumed by fear, he is in no position to accept an opportunity.” Raymond Holliwell. If you’re walking away from things that serve you or have the potential to serve you, it’s another good indication that you’re out of alignment.

3. If it’s all about you. If your ego has its way, you’ll live out of alignment… which means you’ll never get to really enjoy life. When it has to be your way or the highway, it’s a good indication that you’re far from being aligned to your source of all things.

If you experience any of these, here’s what I recommend:

Get to a quiet place and vision cast what your life would look like in every area if you were free to be yourself and have access to anything you want. Don’t be afraid to dig deep. This exercise is essential to positioning yourself back toward alignment.

Now I want to hear from you: When you feel like something’s not right, what do you do?

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