How to Trust Enough to Let Others Help You Expand Your Brand

Welcome to another episode of Incredible Factor TV where my creative director, Blake Saunders, is asking me this week’s question… and it’s really good. Check it out:

As I share in the episode, I get it. Your business is your baby. And, it’s YOUR brand. And it’s hard to just let anyone watch your baby, right?

Right. But keep this in mind, if you want to grow you are going to have to build a team to grow your business. If it has to be you, you can’t grow.

So, here are my top five tips in building your trust muscle so that you can find the right people to help you to expand your business.

1. Take the time to get crystal clear about what you need. By taking a clear inventory of your business mission, vision and model and then determining what needs to be done that falls outside of your skillset, you’ll be able to develop clear, sound job descriptions for the positions that you have to hire for.

2. Seek referrals first. If you know people who know people that you don’t know, they may know someone who is the right fit for your position. And if your colleague/friend knows them, you can make a nice assumption that they know people who are quality and of the caliber you demand for your brand. Rather than rushing to ZipRecruiter or Craigslist, check with your key influencers and contacts.

3. Check references, do a background check and try the spirit by the spirit. I cannot stress this tip enough. I’ve been burnt here. Check, check, check. Even if you like them, especially if you like them, check them out. Make sure that who they say they are lines up to who others who have hired them or worked with them say that they are. If they are going to be interfacing with your clients in anyway, perform a background check. And pray on it and them. The spirit will never steer you wrong!

4. Give them a skills assessment and probationary period. I always make sure that I test people. Regardless of their skillsets and experience, I want to see it for myself before I hire them. And the best way is a skills assessment. See them in action actually doing what they will be responsible for doing for you. Also have a 90-day probationary period during which either of you can move on. As soon as you find issues with their performance, prepare to sever the relationship as who they are now is likely who they will be. Remember, this is your brand; you have to protect it. During this probationary period, give them new responsibility in phases; don’t give them all of it from the onset of the relationship.

5. Realize that building a team is inevitable if you desire to experience the most growth possible. You’re going to have to shift your mindset here. There is no such thing as being self-made – you are “made” because you have the right team surrounding you and holding you up to achieve the greatness on the inside of you.

Now, I want to hear from you. What’s your two cents? How have you learned to trust so that you can build a team to expand your brand?

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