The Truth About Your Relationship with Money (and why you’re not selling more products and services)

This post is part three of a video training series. To watch part one, Sales is NOT a Dirty Word, click here. To watch part two, 3 Reasons Your Sales Suck, click here.

Every one of us has a money backstory. And, your backstory is affecting your ability to grow your business. Regardless of whether you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or born in the projects like I was, this backstory will showcase a lot about who you are and how that affects your ability to build a business through sales.

If the thought of selling your services to others makes you nauseous, it’s likely that your relationship with money is not a loving, fulfilling one. When your relationship with money is not loving and fulfilling, it shows up in your pricing and it affects your confidence. And, it will stop you from being effective in a sales conversation… which means that you won’t get to stay in business very long (hence the statistics around small business.)

I invite you to check out the 3rd video in my impromptu video training series:

As a share in the video, your relationship with money is completely congruent with your ability to sell your products and services.

If you’ve ever heard that you can’t conquer what you are unwilling to confront, then you know that the fact that you haven’t dealt with it is the reason why money comes and goes and it never stays.

In order to shift your relationship, you have to work through the three phases of your money backstory:

Phase 1: Awareness – Awareness occurs when we stop looking around and start looking in the mirror. When there is no one else to blame and we are ready, we can determine that where we’ve been isn’t the best place for us and begin to welcome a shift. Everything starts with awareness. As you become aware, you expand the possibility of growth for yourself.

Phase 2: Acknowledgement – After you become aware, you’ll have to acknowledge that you want to make a shift. In the acknowledgment phase, you have the ability to take control and make the shift that you’re wanting. One of my favorite ways to acknowledge that you have a poor relationship with money is to list all of the beliefs you have about money. Then, cross check your beliefs to determine which are limiting you in some way.

Phase 3: Take a Different Action – Only after you wake up and become aware and acknowledge that a shift is needed can you actually move in the direction of a new action. And that new action has to be one fortified with confidence and not wracked with fear. These actions can include investing in yourself for something that you need, tithing to someone else in acknowledgement that they give you inspiration, treating yourself to something new that will be meaningful to you, giving to a charity, etc. These new actions should relate to money in some way and they will give the Universe, through the Law of Circulation, permission to expand on your behalf.

Your assignment: It’s been said that your life repeats patterns, and your relationship with money is set to a pattern that will continue to repeat until you make the shift. To learn about your pattern, complete this assignment:

1. Take a sheet of paper.
2. Down the left hand side of the page, number from 1 to 7.
3. In the spots from 1 to 7, write any memory you have related to money from the first seven years of your life – good or bad.
4. Draw a column divider line.
5. In the next few columns, write the numbers 8-14, 15-21, 22-28, etc. until you get to your current age
6. After you write the set of memories, note when from ages 8 to your current age you experienced a memory, set back, etc. directly related to a money memory.
7. Review your list and write out what you have learned.
8. Then, journal what you want instead of what you’ve always had. This exercise is the beginning of the shift.

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