What Exactly is the Incredible Factor?

Welcome to the Incredible Factor Business Podcast!!  In this inaugural episode, I am going to introduce you to my most important foundational principle (it’s so important that I named my entire podcast after it!!). Can I just tell you that taking the time to define my Incredible Factor is the reason that today I have a business that serves me fully both financially and spiritually. It took me a few years in business to realize the importance of sitting down and getting clear about my brilliance at a level that would serve me long term.

Now, I want to help you do the same thing.  So, in this episode, I share a clear, deep breakdown of each of the three components of the Incredible Factor:  Hot Undeniable Gift + Signature Business Move + Unique Value Proposition – understanding the nuisances of all three is business building gold!!  As a part of this episode, I have a gift for you:  you’re getting a copy of the actual Incredible Factor worksheet that I share with my clients!!!  You can thank me by downloading and completing it.

Everyone has an Incredible Factor.  If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll use it to build a business.  If you’re an employee, you’ll use it to build a career.  And regardless of how you unleash it, you have to first define, then own it before you can leverage it.

During this episode, I’ll share:

  • What exactly an Incredible Factor is and how to define yours
  • Why you need to understand and more importantly be able to articulate it clearly and confidently
  • The reason your goal is to provide a transferable result à this will equip you to build clients for life
  • How your Incredible Factor is the baseline of your six or seven figure business and why you MUST take the time to define it so that you can leverage it to build a business that funds the life you crave

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