How to Create a Business Card that Attracts Clients

Okay, so everyone in business has a business card, right?  Right.  Sadly, most have business cards that are not making an impact and leading prospects to explore more of how you can solve their problem.  I want to help you fix that quickly.

Let’s be clear, the most important marketing material you will ever circulate is your business card and many of you are not maximizing this tiny business builder because you’re not focused on client magnetic marketing.  I was recently at a three day conference where I collected approximately 50 business cards.  It’s really interesting because everyone wants you to have their card but their cards are nothing to write home about.  (I mean this in love, but hey, I’m a coach – we tell you what you don’t want to hear and show you what you don’t want to see for one reason – to help you to become what you were created to be.)

So 50 business cards and only about 5% of them were worthy of a second glance or website review.  Why?  Because the rest were just wasting TONS of marketing space or worst yet, didn’t tell you anything that would make you want to learn more.  So to put your business card out of its non-business building misery, here are some must have components to make your business card more client magnetic.


Company Name – Please have the name of your company on the card – your company name should be unique and doesn’t need to necessarily tell the story of your business or what you do.  In fact, it shouldn’t I think far too many people take the easy way out as lazy marketers by choosing a business name that tells the story.  Your name, when unique, will inspire the receiver of your card to ask you why you chose that name, etc.  Which will open you up to share more.

That brings me to another point… the purpose of your business card is to get them to want to know more.

Your Name, Credibility and Title(s) – a no-brainer I’m sure but if you have an advanced degree or certification(s) be sure to include that on your card.  Why? Because some people will only work with people who have taken the extra step to build their business through education and all people want to know that they can trust what you do.  Credentials help with that.

Power Statement which includes the problem you solve.  Recall the universal law of business – find people who have the problem you solve that are ready to pay for a solution to the problem.  When the problem is front and center, it produces a top of mind reaction in the receiver and they start to listen intently to how you offer your solution.  I recommend you choose this over a tagline unless your tagline contains the info below:

Here’s a formula to use for your power statement I help [audience of one/ideal client] do [problem you solve using the appropriate action verb] so that [ultimate goal or transformation they should expect when they work with you]

Professional Head shot – this does a few things.  First, it jogs the memory of the receiver of you and your conversation. Second, it helps to ensure they hold on to your card (studies show that people will seldom throw away someone’s face).  Please notice that I said professional, your glamour shot picture from 1995 hardly qualifies as professional.  You want to ensure that the visual elements of your brand are sensory pleasers.

Logo or Emblem – this image, along with your professional head shot help to implant your brand on their subconscious minds.  Again, be creative here, it is after all your business.

Contact Information – please, please, please put your physical mailing address (as long as it’s not your home) on your business card.  You can rather inexpensively get a PO Box to represent your business.  This is important because some people like me like to send hand-written notes and its a little hard when there is no physical address, this also helps to illustrate the validity of your enterprise. Also included should be your email address – one that matches your website URL not a gmail, hotmail, comcast or yahoo, please. And your telephone numbers – office and fax.  If you’re daring, include your cell phone.

Website address – you do have a website, right?  then you want to be sure to highlight it on the front of your business card. If they’re impressed with you in anyway, they’re going to check your website.  So be sure that your website is professional and polished.

BACK of your Card:

Yes, I said back.  Here’s the thing, they have to print the back in order to print the front, right?  So to not maximize it is to waste marketing space.  DUH.  I know but of those 50 business cards, only about 5 of them had information of merit on the back of the card.

Client Magnet Marketing Questions – I recommend you have three questions that will help to pull the receiver closer to becoming a qualified contact.  The formula I recommend is pain, spark of hope, expert lead in. Pain: The first question should be your most painful question, something that kicks the receiver in the gut when they read it if they have that problem.  Remember, people in pain know that they are in pain.  Spark of Hope: you want to ask something that gives them a glimpse of the solution that could finally put them out of their misery IF they work with you. Expert lead in: this is where you highlight yourself in the form of a question, something like Would working with a qualified marketing mentor who has help thousands get proven results to attract more clients be helpful to you now?

Call to Action – if they were to take an inspired action with you, what would it be? Include it here.  I’d also recommend that you offer them a free taste of what you’ve got to offer (this will also get them to opt-in to your marketing list, versus you just adding them when you get home even though most often they don’t give you permission)

Social Media contact information – either the icons or your logins, the point, you want them to know how to find you on social media.  But, be sure that your profiles are consistent so that your brand isn’t confused.

Website URL – stated again for ease of location

My personal opinion is that if you use these tips to update your business card, you will begin getting more qualified contacts right on the spot!

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