Who is your Phil Jackson?

Michael Jordan was an incredible player. I remember that game back in 92 when he hit that three pointer at the buzzer, taking the last shot to win yet another victory. It was Incredible, my heart almost stopped as I watched in delighted anticipation. I can remember Michael turning toward the sideline and pointing his fingers at his coach, Phil Jackson.

Everyone who has accomplished something great has someone on the sidelines offering the strategic tips and plays that are going to make the difference as they play the game. Phil Jackson was Michael’s. Who’s yours?

Coaching and personal development is a fast growing industry. Today, it equates for approximately 3 billion dollars with estimated growth of 18% each year. That’s huge. That means that more and more people are realizing the need to have someone help them to achieve their dreams. I personally believe that we can only get so far on our own and then we need someone else to come in and help us to win the game.

Again, I ask who is your Phil Jackson?

I have been a life coach since 2003 offering my clients success, tangible tips and strategic techniques to help them to see the Incredible and do the impossible in their lives simply by holding them accountable and guiding them through the correct approach or thought process for goal achievement. It has been extremely fulfilling watching the tiny little rose buds blossom into the most gorgeous roses that are fragrant and full of life.

Who is your Phil Jackson?

If you haven’t found the answer to that question yet, may I suggest that you check out a great company who believes that “every woman deserves a coach?” Compass is a personal development direct selling company that sells affordable group coaching solutions to today’s woman. Imagine a compass…the center is the spirit, north = self & life balance, east = money and career, south = relationships and west = health and wellness. Thinking about helping you to identify your Phil Jackson,may I share that Compass has assembled some of the most talented coaches in the country and Canada (including yours truly) to become representatives and coaches offering their personal touch to the company’s coaching concept of Abundance Intelligence, which stems from the premise that you were born great. This philosophy is based on the premise and book written by Kim George (Coaching into Greatness), and she just happens to be the director of business development for Compass. The CEO Kim Fulcher is a woman of excellence who believes in you so much that she created an entire company and affordable coaching structure to assist you with your personal development in the 5 areas I mentioned above.

And in case you are wondering, yes, I am affiliated with this amazing company offering affordable group coaching as an addition to my empowerment firm, Incredible One Enterprises and my coaching program is aptly called the “Burn the Box” Coaching program because it is my goal to help you to define and unleash the Incredible in you by burning the box of limitations, excuses and fear in your life.

If you haven’t figured out the answer to the question this blog is posing, with the help of Compass, I can become your Phil Jackson. I am now filling my next coaching class and for just $2/day, you can be added to the team roster. I’d love it if you singed up for a 10 day FREE trial by visiting my website. For more information about Compass and Darnyelle, visit or call 641.715.3900 71145#.

I look forward to helping you win the game of your life.

Be Incredible,

move to millions

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