Why I Recommend Investing In Yourself to Grow Your Business–Darnyelle A. Jervey

If I had a dime for every solo-preneur that has told me that they can’t afford to invest in themselves, I’d be a millionaire without ever selling a product. Sadly, many believe that making an investment in themselves is a liability when their business is not yielding a profit. On the contrary, I hold the belief that investing in yourself is what unblocks the client pipeline and sends a surge of ideal client prospects who are ready to buy at your virtual door. It is at those moments where your faith is activated and the result is growth that to many may seem unexplained.

I stood in the spot where you are standing and I can tell you that even as I wrote out that first check, I was scared. After all, there’s no guarantee that the return on my investment will be profit, right? While that is true, it is seldom the case. Why? Because of the law of circulation, also known as sowing and reaping. When you sow – by investing in yourself through the work of another, you’re telling God [Universe] that you want to experience the abundance that He has reserved for you. And, He brings it forth.

Think of the farming analogy. You want to raise a new crop, so you plant a seed. Before you plant the seed, you make sure the ground is fertile. Then you plant the seed, cover the seed with the fertile ground, water it and when you’re not watching, it sprouts and leads to a field full of your new crop.

Now, let’s transfer this analogy to your business. First you check the ground to make sure it is free of weeds and rocks – the ground is your mindset, your money consciousness and your desire to stop letting fear keep you from moving ahead as you would like. You do some personal work to break up the foul ground and prepare it to receive the good seed, so that the seed immediately takes root. So you get your ground right, and then you plant the seed. The seed is the person you hire – a coach, mentor, consultant, etc – who knows what you need to know and commits to helping you get it. And then you water the seed – you pay attention and implement what they give you to do because your mindset is one that is focused on productive, positive thoughts. And as you implement and take consistent action on the tasks outlined, you see the seed sprout and ultimately create a new crop – an increase in your business which comes in the form of new clients, new strategic partnerships, products, signature talks, etc. Why is investing a good way to grow your business?

1. You are your best asset. When you sharpen your iron, it makes you more potent in the market. You will be able to withstand those who aren’t being sharpened and grow your business.
2. School is never out for the pro. Successful entrepreneurs are constantly learning a new skill and improving the products and services and results they offer their clients.
3. It’s an activation of faith. Nothing says faith more than investing when money is not plentiful. It also helps to ensure that you are going to do what is necessary to yield the results. When you don’t have money to waste, you don’t waste it.
4. You tell God that you are ready for more. It’s almost like tithing – when you tithe to the people, places and organizations that inspire you and add value to your life, you naturally experience an increase. Investing is inviting more into your experience
5. No investment, no increase or as I’ve also heard it said – no risk, no reward. You can’t win the game if you don’t play in it.

I personally recommend that you make investing in yourself and your business a budget line item. As a rule of thumb, I encourage you to invest at least 10% in yourself over the course of the year. Those investments can be attending events, working privately with a coach or consultant, joining a mastermind, joining an organization or association or anything that could get you closer to your ideal clients. Once you invest, create a plan and implement what you learn. When you implement, you will be sure to reap a harvest that allows you to live a life that is in line with your desires.

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