You are Closer Than You Think

As of Jan 13th, many have already had a setback in the new year. Many have given up and referred back to their old ways. Sure, some of you reading this are saying, “how can that be, it’s only been 13 days?” But when you feel like everything around you is coming crashing down as a result of one word or act of discouragement, everything can change in an instant.

My purpose this morning is to edify you. I want to help you to see that you are closer than you think. I happen to subscribe to the belief that it is when you are close to the victory that all hell breaks loose. I believe that when you find yourself dangling between the good times and the bad times, you are on the verge of unleashing the Incredible into your life.

Mary Kay Ashe says, “You can never give up because you never know what meets you when you turn the next corner.” And I agree with Mary Kay. I can recall a time in my life when I felt as if the air had been let out of my proverbial tires. I was at my wits end and I was ready to curl up and die. With the help of my mentor and coach, I centered myself, got to a quiet place and I began to remember why I was in the race in the first place. Disappointments and failures are a part of the process. Just ask anyone who has ever achieved anything, but they have tenacity and they didn’t give up so that they could achieve their goal and heart’s desire.

Oftentimes when it gets noisy, we can’t hear our spirits talking to us and we fail to change our position to be able to hear again. If I am speaking to you today, change your position so that you can get clear. Remember, it is not over until you have the victory and you are closer than you think.

Darnyelle A. Jervey is a certified life coach, professional speaker, author and consultant committed to the empowerment of women through her company Incredible One Enterprises. For more information or to request your FREE coaching consultation, visit

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