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I think it was Public Enemy who rapped the song, “You Can’t See”…I woke up this morning and as I reflected on how grateful I am to be here experiencing so many Incredible things, I thought about each of you. In the song, Flava Flav and Chuck D sing “You can’t see what I can see, you’re blind baby, blind to the facts.” And before you get mad at me for calling you blind, let me explain what I mean.

It’s the first Walk it Out Wednesday in the last month of the first quarter of the new decade. Many of you got excited about the new year and set Big goals yet you can’t really see them manifesting in your life. Many of you do things just because it seems cute or so that you don’t stand out like a sore thumb. But you do stand out because you are wandering aimlessly through your life trying to do this and that without vision and purpose.


Today, I encourage you to begin to give yourself a check up from the heart up – what is your life description? (similar to a job description, but for your entire life) What do you want for your family? Yourself? Your Career? Your Marriage or Relationship? What is that one thing that you want to be able to go to your death bed saying, but I did it?

If you keep meandering through life without a vision and a plan, you are blind. You may see others achieving and get jealous about what they have. What it seems like they are doing somehow appears to be exactly what you want YET you refuse to create a plan for the vision so that you too can enjoy it.

We live in an abundant universe and there is a generous portion waiting for you when you begin to see. What’s holding you back?

Heller Keller says, “there’s nothing more pathetic than a person with sight but no vision.” Einstein says “imagination is more important than fact.” Proverbs says, “without vision, the people perish.”

You will die if you don’t begin to see.

Open your blinded eyes and for the first time this year, See. See who you are. See whose you are. See that you are bigger than your problems, See that you are a solution, see that anything is possible. See what is possible for you and then write it down. Check your vision by creating a written account of what you desire to bring into your experience.

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