#1 Strategy For Entrepreneurs To Get More Done in Their Businesses

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a laundry list of all the things you want to accomplish in your business.  From product ideas to books and events, you name it; you’ve visualized what it would be like to have it available to your ideal clients.

The problem is that as the list grows the likelihood it will actually happen lessens significantly.  And trust me, I get it.  It happens to me, too.  You should see my vision of what this company will be one day when I have time to get it all done.

Sound familiar?

It likely does, since most entrepreneurs are extreme visionaries, which means we come up with new ideas faster than you can say, “Unleashing Your Incredible Factor.”  But most of us have come to realize that more ideas aren’t going to grow our businesses and help us to get more done.   Instead, they slow down the process of getting results.

That is why when I saw Carla’s question, which I am answering in this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV, I could feel her pain:

“Hi Darnyelle! Thank you so much for Incredible Factor TV. You truly are a gem.  I learn more from your weekly video snippets than I have from some who call themselves coaches and host free 60-minute tele-seminars.  Anyway, I am really trying to hone in on goal achievement in my business, but struggling, so my question is – how do you stay focused on the most important things to do in your business?”

Watch my response to Carla’s question here:

As I share in the episode, true visionaries like Carla and I struggle with getting things done until we master this one strategy that 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs do to keep them focused, executing and moving the needle in their businesses.

You ready? It’s big and it’s going to transform your business.

Drum roll please.

Schedule EVERYTHING. You have to schedule EVERYTHING.  Client meetings. Sales calls. Sales meetings. E-zine preparation. Networking events. Staff or team meetings. Eating lunch.  EVERYTHING.

What gets scheduled, gets attended to, what gets attend to, gets done.

One of the things I noticed that has improved my success and the success of my mentors is that they schedule everything.  Even if it seems slight, schedule it.  True visionaries are not into the details (most often).  They are very “big picture”  which means that in order to get things done, they have to be crystal clear that they must do it at the time appointed.

I used to just wing it in my business and when I did, I was not earning great income.  Once I started implementing this one strategy, I saw a remarkable improvement in my results in the business.

As you begin to schedule everything, you also want to make sure that you remove some pressure from yourself.  The best way to do that is to reduce the amount of stuff you HAVE to get done in any given day.  When I stopped keeping a “to-do” list and started focusing on the 2 to 3 must-do-today activities to move the needle in my business, I saw a HUGE lift.   As Stephen Covey says, begin with the end in mind and ask yourself:

What MUST I complete today to move the needle in my business?

The answer is a maximum of three things is what I recommend that you do. This one strategy is a huge game changer and I know that you will experience many benefits when you start using it too.

Now I want to hear from you, what’s your two cents?:   
How do you prioritize and make sure that you get done what needs to get done in your business.?

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