The #1 Thing Business Owners Forget About Sales

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At the end of the day, success in sales boils down to one thing…

Watch this week’s video to learn what I’m talking about:

Yes, I can teach you how to tighten your message. I can show you the best marketing strategies to use to get found by lots of your ideal clients. I can even walk you step by step through the key components of your sales conversation. But there is one thing that I can’t give you, and that one thing is the key to closing more sales.


When you are confident and exude that confidence in your interactions with your prospective clients, you’ll close more deals. And that’s because confidence is the new currency! Like I shared in the video, believe in yourself, believe in your results and show them why you’re the right fit for them. Your ability to close more sales depends on your ability to show up confidently.

Your Assignment: What’s your credibility factor? Your credibility will increase your confidence.

In order to boost your confidence and remind yourself why you’re the best who ever did it, answer the following questions:

  1. What makes you the right choice for your ideal clients?
  2. What have you done?
  3. What books have you written?
  4. What results do you get over and over for your clients?
  5. What success stories do you have to corroborate your assertion?
  6. What degrees and honors do you hold?
  7. Did you do the work you now do in your own business in corporate America or as an employee? For how many years?

When you’re finished answering these questions, your confidence should be at an all-time high. It should be obvious why others will want to work with you. Remember this.

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