3 Keys to Managing Transitions For Today’s Entrepreneur

When things around us are changing it’s because we are changing.

We live in an ever-expanding world and the only constant is change. It’s true: the only consistent thing in this world is change. And, if you’re focused on being in control, most change will be lost on you.

Think about it: if you have to be in control, you are not allowing the flow of abundance to move in and through your life, and if you aren’t allowing for abundance, that means you are experiencing some level of lack. You might be asking yourself what this has to do with growing a business. I’ll tell you: everything. The fact is, you can’t have a booming business when you have a busted life and if you’re resisting change, you’re a little busted. 🙂

This brings me to Esmerelda’s question featured in this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV:

“Hi Darnyelle. I’ve been in business 10 years. This year everything seems to be changing and I’m very nervous. How do you manage change and transition and what advice can you offer to help others like me make it through?”

As I share in the episode, if you’re feeling nervous, you need to make a shift. Any emotion that has a negative impact on you has the potential to derail abundance. If you want abundance to flow into everything in your life and therefore business, you’ll need to focus instead on being grateful and happy and not nervous and frustrated.

I get it, change is hard. And going through it alone makes it even harder. But it doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some of my favorite tips for managing transition. And remember, if you’re brought to it, you’ll make it through it. (Yes, you can tweet that.)

1. Find a safe place to experience your transition. Hopefully, you have a safe place of colleagues, family or community to go when you are feeling a little antsy in the face of transition. If you don’t. I recommend that you use a journal to manage your emotions.

2. Deepen your relationship with God. This may seem a little out of place, but trust me it’s not. The truth is if you don’t have a spiritual connection tethered between you, your business and your higher power, that could be the reason you’re going through a transition right now. In my opinion, it’s all about alignment and connection. After all, connection creates confidence and gives you the courage to take the actions needed to experience growth in your life and business.

3. Keep saying YES. In her book, The Year of Yes, Shonda Rhimes talks about how she would closed herself off from life and how she decided to stop doing so by making one clear change. She started saying yes, to everything. And keep in mind that you don’t need to know how or what will become of the yes, just be open to the yes and use yes to demonstrate that you’re ready for whatever God deems necessary for you in this season.

Struggling in your business do to a transition? If you need guidance to get to the other side, consider applying to have a conversation with a member of my team. We can help you experience growth on the other side of the transition.

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