3 Lessons from Our Annual Team Retreat

Last week Team Incredible One headed to Minneapolis for our annual retreat. Every August, we spend time working on the strategic plan for the upcoming year. Our company runs on a 3-Year Strategic Plan (one of the things we teach at Incredible Factor University), but we tighten and tweak the upcoming year in the 3rd quarter.

If you’re on your Move to Millions®, I highly recommend that you take time AWAY from the day-to-day of your business in order to plan.

  1. Taking time for a team retreat allows everyone to be on the same page.
    Especially since we are a mostly virtual team, having a destination to meet allowed us to gather in one place to spend significant time on the big picture things that are most critical for our company’s growth. Instead of one-off conversations, we were able to collectively contribute to a plan. Plus, with everyone’s feedback we were able to identify potential pitfalls and to create solutions right on the spot.

  2. Setting aside time to plan creates extreme clarity.
    As we solidified our plan, we were able to ask questions immediately and dialog about what each of us sees as the future of Incredible One Enterprises. After nailing down the big picture, we wrapped up by making sure everyone has their to-dos and marching orders. Now we have a calendar for what’s happening in 2023 and everyone walked away with action items.

  3. It allows your team to streamline and simplify, so you can multiply.
    We were able to eliminate some of the fluff and zero in on the areas that will have the biggest impact first. By prioritizing and creating focus, we can continue to operate with a lean team and maximize everyone’s contribution to the things that matter most.

By taking 3 days away to work ON the business, we were able to accomplish so much. The time together was very needed

In addition to tightening our 2023 plan, we got a chance to bond deeply, have fun together outside of work, and eat some delicious food. I was also glad to be able to shower some love on my team.

What about you? Have you ever set aside time specifically to plan with your team for the upcoming year? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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