3 Powerful Things That Enter Your Life When You Detach From the Outcome

Have you ever found yourself so attached to something that it caused you to question whether or not you’re happy? Have you ever felt like you’re just existing instead of truly living? Have you asked yourself if there is more to life than what you’re experiencing? If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions I pose here, watch my #RealTalk video about what I’ve experienced during my own journey of building a business that serves me.

I know this seems like a very unorthodox post from a business consultant. The thought of suggesting that you stop chasing your goals might sound crazy. But, if your goals are keeping you from experiencing the best of life, I stand by my statement.

In my own story, I had a period where I was so fixated on the number that I forgot to live. It was all about proving to others that I could do it. That I was all they thought I was. That I couldn’t let anyone down.

Except for myself.

The truth is, I let myself down because I became a businesswoman that I didn’t love. And, once I realized it. I decided that if I was going to do this – be a business owner, mentor others and help companies grow, I had to love it. All. Of. It.

So I did it.

I detached from the outcome. I stopped chasing the goal and started chasing what I want more of: freedom, joy, flexibility and impact on the lives of others. And the interesting thing?

By detaching from the outcome, I opened myself up for growth. More growth than I had previously experienced.

Now, I’m not talking about “I don’t care if it happens,” kind of detachment, I’m talking about “I trust that the desires of my heart and the actions I take will produce what I desire,” kind of detachment. It’s about having faith in me, faith in God and faith in everything that I believe and pray for, faith that those who are called to me, will answer the call at the time that has the best and highest good for them. What I learned is that whenever I am attached to a specific result, I’m limiting what’s possible for me. And truthfully, control is the enemy of abundance.

I’ve learned that there is never a need to hold on tightly to exert excess energy about anything that I want. And I’ve come to realize that the reason people aren’t getting what they want is because they hold too strongly to the how, they become anxious and that anxiety translates into negative emotions, feelings and thoughts around what they are wanting. But when you let go and trust, you can expect:

1. Greater sense of faith. You’ve heard me share previously that businesses with a spiritual foundation go farther faster. Well, that has never been more true when you understand the power of operating in faith and trusting that God and His abundant Universe want to bring you all you desire. It’s such a beautiful sentiment, really.

2. Renewed sense of purpose and well-being. When you remove the barriers to experience the best of life, you get a refreshing that tends to renew your purpose and help you connect even greater to God.

3. More results. Interestingly when you detach from the outcome and loosen control, you get more of everything you’ve been wanting all along. That’s the beauty of Universal Law. The more you detach and trust, the more you’ll receive.

Now, what’s your two cents? Are you loving everything about your business or is there something you need to let go of?

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