3 Quick Tips for Business Growth by Tithing Time–Darnyelle A. Jervey

If I were asked “what one thing you did differently in the past year of your business that contributed to your overall growth,” I’d answer hands down, tithing time to my business. While many have considered tithing a religious term, I assure you that despite the original of its tenets, it is a term that can also be used in business and personal life.

A tithe is ten percent. So, if you look at any given week there are 7 days and 24 hours each day or a total of 168 hours. But, let’s make an adjustment because you more than likely only work in/on your business during the work week, making the total hours in your work week 120 hours. That means that 12 hours should be spent on your business – not actually working in your business. 12 hours is basically one and a half days each week that should be spent on the planning, marketing, strategizing, and the operational management of your business.

Let that sink in for a moment.

How would your business be different if you designated 12 hours each week to plan, market, create strategy and manage your business?


With that much focus and attention on marketing, planning and strategizing, what goals could you set and achieve?

How much more productive would your time with clients be? How many more clients could you add value to?


While I know that planning in advance is essential if you desire to grow a business to six figures and beyond, I also know that it seldom happens because we do not often give our business the same respect we once gave an employer. Let’s face it, if you worked a job and your employer made it mandatory that for 12 hours each week you planned and strategized about how you would achieve your goals, not only would you do it, but you’d be a rock star at it.

What would happen to your business if you began to respect it like you respected your job? I mean, minimizing distractions and personal phone calls and actually got some core things done each day?


Now what?

Knowing is half of the battle. Now, you must make a non-negotiable decision to be the change you desire to see in your business. Here are my tips for helping you to tithe time to your business so that you can experience exponential growth in the coming year:

1. Set aside at least one full day each week, preferably a Monday as your business development day. That means, on that one day each week, your sole responsibility is to work on tasks that develop your business – marketing, following up with prospects, calling low hanging fruit, creating marketing materials like warm letters, strategic partner update letters, articles, blog posts, etc – anything that if written in an authentic and compelling way with a strong call to action could lead to more prospects entering your sales funnel. I also recommend that you complete some sort of weekly plan, similar to my weekly marketing plan that outlines all of the activities you will complete that week to advance your business. What networking events will you attend? Which center of influence will you have lunch with? Which past client will you reach out to in order to discuss the possibility of working with them again?

2. Set aside at least 2 hours for your own personal development each week. This time should be spent learning how you can serve your clients better, gaining a new skill that increases your market reach, reading a new book, attending a workshop or webinar , etc. Personal development is an important part of growing your business.

3. Spend at least 2 hours each week setting and measuring your business goals – new clients, renewed clients, sales revenue, etc. Also be sure to incorporate time to manage your financial records during this time. Keeping track of your key metrics on a weekly basis helps to ensure that you are paying attention to what drives your business growth while also helping you to work on your business.

I have watched my business double each year since 2009 as I began this concept for myself. I always want to share what has worked for me rather than theory. I have watched the businesses of my clients significantly increase each year as a result of this one strategy. Your business growth and success is worth a tithe and that tithe will create significant increase that you won’t have room enough to receive! Trust me, tithing to your business is that Incredible 😀

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