3 Reasons Your Sales Suck (Why your sales game isn’t tight)

“Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” ~Mary Kay Ash

I honestly think the reason that most people aren’t good at sales is because they lack confidence in themselves and their ability to demonstrate the value they bring to the table. But the truth is, lack of confidence is really just the tip of the iceberg.

Let me introduce you to a little something I like to call the process:

Step 1: Have a compelling message to get the attention of the clients you desire to serve.

Step 2: Deploy that message through no less than 5 marketing streams consistently. Now, there are over 30 ways you COULD be marketing, so you’ll have to figure out which ones work best for you and do those every single day.

Step 3: Master the sales conversation so that when your message and marketing work, you can get a sale.

Step 4: Build systems around your messaging, marketing and sales and do them consistently to establish yourself as a business person.

Yes, that’s the process. And sucking at sales will occur if you haven’t followed the process.

Last week I announced that for the next seven weeks, I was going to release an impromptu video training series all about how to tighten your sales game. In this week’s video, we are getting right to the heart of the matter – we are talking about why your sales suck:

As I share in the video, the three reasons your sales suck include:

1. You don’t see yourself as a valuable solution. This is all mindset. Are you a lion that sees herself as a cat or a cat who sees herself as a lion? Everything stems from how you see yourself. If you don’t believe within yourself that you add value, neither will your ideal clients. And this lack of confidence will show up in your message, marketing and sales.

2. You fear rejection. Now, everyone fears something (outside of the two fears that we are born with). But fearing rejection is an old back-story that you need to kill. You’ll have to figure out how to recognize that a “no,” is not about you. A “no,” is about the fact that they aren’t ready to experience transformation through you. Do you see the difference?

3. You fail to qualify your prospect before you enter into a sales conversation. So, two things to note here: 1. You’re not going to close everyone. If you do, this is a clear indication that you aren’t charging enough. 2. In order to get sales, you have to be talking with people who are clear that they have a problem and clear that you could solve it. Failing to do your due diligence with a prospect is the fastest way to not close sales. Now, I’m not suggesting that you or your prospect jump through hoops, but I do recommend that you start by clarifying that they are in the market to invest in a solution to a SPICE Problem™ . A problem that is specific and substantive, persistent and pervasive, immediate and insurmountable, clear and conscious, and expensive and expansive. By qualifying your prospect enough to know that this is where they are, you will increase the likelihood that they will invest in your solution.

As I share in the video, there are many reasons why your sales game isn’t tight, but starting with these three will help to increase your sales success.

Your assignment: Get 50 “no’s.” Your assignment is to get 50 prospects to tell you no. If you complete this challenge, I can say for certain that you will also get some “yes” responses. And each yes, will represent a new client or customer for your business. If you’re committing to doing this assignment, leave me a comment below.

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