3 Simple Strategies for Re-Purposing Content so You Attract More Ideal Clients–Darnyelle A. Jervey

If you’re anything like me, you’re building a successful business and the thought of creating new content each week for your blog or e-zine makes you shake your head, overwhelmed. Trust me, I get it; you want to give fresh ideas to your growing community base but the day-to-day operations of your company keep you a little busier than you expected. Am I striking a nerve?

So, let me ask you a question, what do you do with all the articles you’ve written once they’ve been written and published? What about articles you wrote 2 years ago? More than likely, they’re somewhere collecting virtual dust and are seldom getting viewed on your blog or in the article search engines or distribution sites, such as Ezine Articles.. This presents an awesome opportunity for you to find ways to re-introduce some of your best content from times passed to your community now.

Let’s keep in mind that the average subscriber is only on your list for about 12 months so it’s not likely that if you showcased a previous article, your current subscribers will ever know. Now, while I think re-purposing your content is a brilliant way to maximize your time while creating an Incredible experience for your community, I do not recommend that you just dust off an article as is and re-post it. Instead, I recommend you review it and make the necessary updates so it is current to what you’ve learned recently. This will enable you to help your prospects in the area of your expertise in the article and make sure that what you wrote then is still true today.

As you know, I love systems. My recommendation here is to create a system for bringing content to your community.

Here are my tips, assuming that your ideal clients are the same as before and haven’t changed. If you decide to shift the focus of who you desire to work with, you’ll need to go back to the “writing” board to create articles that will speak to the problems they (your current ideal clients) have:

1. Write a new article every week for one year. An article only needs to be 250 words. Write a new one each week and label them with the week numbered from 1-52. Once you’re finished with the first year, now you have your base content for each e-zine or blog post for the following year.

2. Take an inventory of what you’ve created – audios, videos, social media updates, blogs, etc. and see if it is still relevant and what you can add to it in order to make the content stronger and increase its value. Ask yourself: are my ideal clients still bothered by this? What could I add to intensify the problem and highlight myself as the solution? Given what’s happening now, what, if anything, would I change to keep this content fresh and relevant?

3. Pay attention to posts that get shared on Facebook or re-tweeted on Twitter. These include your best content because others see the value so much they share it with their friends and followers. In your filing system, find a way to designate that these have been shared frequently so when you are not able to prepare something new for your e-zine or blog, you can simply re-post a “best of” article or tip.

By following these simple strategies, you will increase your efficiency and share some of your best content with your new subscribers. Happy re-purposing!

©2011 by Darnyelle A. Jervey. All Rights Reserved. Darnyelle A. Jervey is the founder of IncredibleOneEnterprises.com and the creator of the Leverage Your Incredible Factor System®, a proven step by step program for turning your passion into profit. For more information and a FREE audio CD “How to Use Your Incredible Factor to Attract MORE Ideal Clients” visit https://www.incredibleoneenterprises.com.

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