3 Strategies for Profiting From Your Panic

Every entrepreneur has experienced it. Every. Single. One.

I’m talking about fear, also known as panic. It sets you into a tizzy over the thought that you are not enough, don’t have what it takes or are wrong to desire what you desire. We all experience it. But, the strongest entrepreneurs are those who learn how to face the fear head on before the panic prevents profit.

I learned a long time ago that the saying “at every level there’s a new devil,” is the God’s honest truth (pun intended). You see, as you decide to up-level, you send a different vibration into the Universe and that vibration sends more of what you desire your way, sometimes before you believe you are ready for it. And we both know what happens when we feel inadequate or unworthy….fear.

I believe that fear fights every alternative to reality. That’s right, there is no truth in it; yet, if we aren’t careful, fear disguises itself as truth and prevents us from capitalizing on what we do know about ourselves and our goals. So, you have to be careful. As cliché as it sounds, it is true, you do have to feel the fear but do what you’re afraid of anyway. You see, the Universe is infinite. That means that with the measure you use, God brings more to you. I would further argue that the only way to get more is to use what you’ve been given….be it financial resources, gifts and talents or whatever…you have to use it.

Now, as fear would have it, it would have to stop dead in your tracks and run back to the past – the only thing that validates the fear, by the way. You see, fear can only live in the past or in the future. In the present moment, there is no fear because we can always reconnect to what we know to be true for us right now.

95% of all success is based on mindset and mitigating fear, is a mindset issue. I feel that working on your mindset is actually more important than working on your marketing. You see, until your mindset is one that invites abundance, all the marketing in the world won’t grow your business. But there are things you can do right now to help you fight the fear and make more money doing what you love even when you’re afraid:

1. Connect immediately to what is true in your present. As I stated earlier, all fear is either in the past or in the future. There is never fear in the moment. When you are faced with a fear, always immediately connect with what you know to be true right now. This includes who you are, the gifts you possess to help others, how you’ve used those gifts to change lives, what you’ve accomplished that others haven’t, etc. When you begin to recall your success and truths the falsifications of your fears get shut out. Assignment: prepare your “who you are statement” and keep it close so that when you need it, you can move toward it quickly.

2. Reaffirm your reason why. When you’ve taken the time to get clear on why doing the work you do is prevalent to your next level, it makes progressing a little bit easier. A few weeks ago, I suggested via a blog post that you write your “why” story, which is the compelling reason why you are who you are and doing the work that you’ve been called to do. The beautiful thing about a reason why is that it is seldom about us. When fear arrives and it is just about us, we will give up every time, but when it is about the lives of others, we feel a need to suck it up and do what needs to be done so that people get what they need from us. I keep a “why” board in my office and I see it each day as I am working with clients. It sits right in front of my writing desk and I can look at it and realize that this work isn’t about me at all…..

3. Create an “In spite of Fear” Plan. When fear hits, ask yourself, “if I knew I couldn’t fail, how would I accomplish achieving my next level?” Have your pen and paper handy because if you do this right, you will create your action plan to achieving your next level. Planning is one of the most important things you can ever do; the other is take action. It is always easier to take action when you have a written plan. Leaving the results to what’s in your head is not recommended especially because fear has a way of popping into our heads at any given moment.

So, the next time you face panic, follow the three steps above and tell me how it goes.

What else have you done to dodge doubt and fight fear? Share your comments here.

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