3 Things Business Owners Must Position to Profit in Their Businesses

position-to-profitThere are tons of businesses in the United States, but sadly most of them are not generating profit.  I don’t know about you, but the thought of having a business that serves me leftovers isn’t why I quit my corporate job.

What I mean is, traditional business building says that sales minus expenses equals profit.  My only problem is that this formula hopes that there is something left over when all is said and done.  And, because most business owners don’t charge more than it costs to create profit… well, I think you can see where I am going with this.

In my own business, I have been making sure that I experience profit on the front end of each transaction and helping my clients to experience the same. What I’ve learned, in addition to flipping accounting on its ear, is that to pull this off your business needs to be well-positioned.

Positioning is the key because it’s not about what you’re selling, it’s about how it’s packaged and perceived by the potential client.  If it’s packaged and positioned well, people will pay more than you think to get access to it.  Positioning takes you from paying clients to a profitable business.

Understanding this as you build your business is gold.  That’s why I went on a three-city tour and shared my Positioned and Profitable Blueprint with attendees in Philadelphia, Reston, and Atlanta.

This week, I’m answering a question from Holly who couldn’t join me on tour:

“Hi Darnyelle. I have been struggling to get found by my ideal clients. I wasn’t able to attend your Positioned to Profit Tour, but I believe that what I need is what you shared.  Could you share a small nugget about positioning with me so that I can start to get found by my ideal clients?”

See my response to her question in this week’s episode:

As I shared in the episode, there are several “things” you have to position to truly profit in your business:

Your Message – positioning your message is key and there’s a lot of noise in the marketplace to get through to be found by your ideal clients.  You’ll have to ensure that the problem you solve is extremely specific and that without your help solving it that it will be insurmountable.  Taking your time to develop and position your message will be a process that when implemented consistently, yields the results you crave.  I can think of at least five positioning statements that are essential as you build your message.

Your Market – your marketing message and materials need to appeal to the exact type of client you want to attract.  If you position yourself as “the end all be all” you’ll attract all sorts of prospects, both ideal and non-ideal… so be clear who you’re wanting to work with and use your positioning to get found by them specifically. Ask yourself who they would say that they are, what they would say that they are struggling with and what they need to stop the struggle.  And know that every time you decide to shift your pricing, you’ll need to reposition your market.

Your Money – here, I’m referring to your pricing.  If your prices are positioned low, you will attract a type of client who is bargain shopping for a solution to a problem.  And, it will likely be challenging for you to over-deliver when you’ve positioned your prices lower.  If you position your prices higher, you’ll be seen as an exclusive offering that is not for everyone that will make you more in demand in the marketplace.  It’s true that people gravitate towards that which appears exclusive and elusive.  With effective positioning, you can rise above the noise and attract a higher-caliber client.

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