5 Benefits of Owning Your Incredible Factor

That which we own, we esteem highly.” It’s true; haven’t you looked a little more confident in the mirror when you’re wearing a new outfit that captures your style to a T? Or what about when you became a home owner? Did you take much pride in decorating your home, manicuring your lawn and meeting your new neighbors? Or, let’s talk about your new car. You feel good riding with the sun roof open because it belongs to you.

So why then do you shirk at the thought of owning your gifts and talents in the same way – so that you ooze confidence, poise, personal power, conviction and commitment. So you earn more money doing what you were born to do.

If you ask me, ownership has its privileges and when you make a non-negotiable decision to own your gifts and talents [Incredible Factor] you position yourself to enjoy the privilege of being a successful business owner.

When I finally stopped letting fear stand in my way and took personal responsibility for my gifts and talents, I began to create my dream business. Today, my determination to own my Incredible Factor positions me in front of thousands of people to help them to build solid, thriving businesses and I couldn’t be more humbled that I have been chosen to do this work. Throughout my journey, here are the top five benefits that I have encountered that make the work of owning my Incredible Factor worth every step of the journey it has taken me to arrive at this point:

  • You give God permission to bless your endeavors. By making the decision to own your Incredible Factor, you tell God that you want to have more opportunities to use your gifts and talents to help others. You also demonstrate your commitment by taking action so that you give God something to bless.
  • You become known as an industry expert. The more you own your gifts and talents, the more you stand out in the crowded sea of those who technically do what you do. As you stand out, you become known as an industry expert and have more opportunities to showcase your skills on major platforms.
  • You gain clarity about the work you do to serve the world. Clarity is such a game changer. When you are clear, you are able to create strategies that can realign major areas of your life or business. When you are clear, you are able to communicate and execute in a way that allows you to experience significant quantum leaps. Part of the reason my company’s income has grown so dramatically in such a short period of time is because of my focus on getting clear – getting clear on my vision, on my Incredible Factor, on my products and services, on my strategies and my plan of execution. From clarity comes confidence, conviction and cash.
  • You make more money. For reasons already described above, you position yourself to earn significantly more than when you are busy possessing the limiting beliefs, obstacles, lies and doubts that do not serve you.
  • You gain personal fulfillment and satisfaction for your work. As I stated at the beginning of this article, that which we own, we esteem highly. So, when you own all that you are, you feel better about yourself, your journey and your strategy to consistently improve.

Your assignment:
1. List all of the gifts and talents you possess.
2. If you were to fully utilize them, how would your life be different?
3. What legacy would you be able to leave for others?
4. What are three things you can do beginning today to gain more confidence in your gifts and talents so you can get closer to taking complete ownership of whom you are and who you were created to be?

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