5 Keys for Getting Back into Alignment

Let’s face it. At some point in time every single one of us goes through something that threatens to derail everything. I like to call it the Big Breakdown Before the Big Breakthrough. And, the only way through is down (the prayer position 🙂 ).

It’s happening for me right now. Yes, two weeks away from my biggest conference that I’ve done for the last 5 years, the stars are out of alignment and I am going through chaos – personally and professionally. What’s happening is a result of my fear colliding with my faith. And whenever this happens, it’s seldom pretty. And despite what I’m going through, I’ve never been more clear that what waits for me on the other side will be, well, Incredible!

And, because it’s happening to me, I am sure that it is also happening to you (Mercury is in retrograde after all). And if you’re not centered when the retrograde happens, it will bite you in the butt!

So, I shot this impromptu episode of Incredible Factor TV to shed some light on what to do about it:

During times like these, I recommend five things that have been working to help me break through to the other side. No matter how good you are at what you do, no matter how many people like you on Facebook, no matter how many people are on your marketing list… if you are living and breathing, I can guarantee that life is going to happen. Now, the way in which life happens to you, I may not know, but if I could leave one thing with you, it would be this:

1. Increase self-care. Whenever you feel out of alignment with your Source (for me it’s God) you have to do what you must to get back in alignment and one of those ways is through increased self-care. Get a massage, have a reiki session, see a reflexologist, drink more water, get more sleep, pray, mediate, do EFT, exercise, do what ever works for you to get clear and back focused on you. You see, God is a mirror of the best version of yourself. And if ever what you see and God sees are not the same, you need more self-care.

2. Fast from negativity. When you’re going through resist the urge to start the negative train. It’s so easy to just feed in to what’s going on. But I am going to challenge you to take that energy and focus it on gratitude. After all, when you are grateful you give God permission to bring you more things to be grateful for.

3. Watch movies and listen to music that inspires you. One of the fastest ways to shift your vibration from victim or victor is through music or visual stimulation. I like to watch Facing the Giants during these times. Although I’ve seen the movie 500 hundred times, it inspires me and restores my hope that all things are working together for my good. If you don’t have a theme song, get one. It will be essential for moments like this. Music is the fastest way to experience a shift.

4. Focus on your vision point not your vantage point. If you keep looking at things from where you are now, they will expand and get worse. I encourage you instead to look at things from where you desire them to be. Paint a new picture, visualize a new normal, basically see yourself where you desire to be and hold that vision and that energy.

5. Clear your mind of the questions so that you can be open to receive. If you’re in the process of going through, you’re likely feeling a little “woe is me.” And typically that feeling creates questions to be answered by someone, so you spend all of your time with all that you talk to pontificating about the reason why this is happening to you. Don’t do that. Instead, clear your mind and listen. Increase your daily quiet time. Spend more time in your journal. Focus on hearing because the answers will always be revealed if you listen with ears that don’t doubt that this too shall pass.

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