5 Must Use Marketing Streams for 2013

So, it’s 2013 and your marketing efforts are as stale as ever. You’ve been trying to figure out how you can make an impact that is as meaningful for you as it is for your clients and prospects. And what you’ve been doing is NOT getting you closer to the types of clients you’d like to serve.

In order for you to UNLEASH in 2013, you need to create a connection and community with your ideal prospects and clients. As more and more people, who technically do what you do, enter your industry’s marketplace, the need to differentiate yourself and market in a way that attracts clients will become increasingly important.

When people feel like you understand what they are going through this gives them a natural inclination to trust you. Believe it or not, there is a way to do this with your marketing. In fact, I believe that there are at least five marketing streams that you can utilize consistently in your business to create this sense of community and connection with your clients and prospects. I’d even go so far as to say that these five are essential if you want to compete in today’s marketplace.

I’m asked this question all the time…if you can’t use ALL of the marketing streams to grow your business, which should you start with?

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1. Social Media – with more and more people logging on every day, regardless of what you do, your ideal client is on social media. While you will need to determine which platform is the best for you to reach them consistently, a core part of your 2013 marketing strategy must include social media. Once you identify the right platform for you, create or update your profile, share amazing content and engage your followers. Also important is to have a follow-up strategy that deepens the connection and leads to a conversation about how you can solve their problem now.

2. Networking – with the emergence of social networking, some may feel that traditional face-to-face networking has lost its allure. I say not; as there is definitely an art to networking in a manner that creates immediate action on the part of those you meet. It still is one of the best ways to build an experience for your prospects and get people to take immediate action and to work with you to get their problem solved. And while tons of people are online, there are still far more who’ve yet to broach the online world and if you are not getting out from behind your computer to interact with them, you are leaving money on the table.

3. Speaking – there is no more powerful way to introduce prospects to your products and services than to speak to them. Speaking allows you to immediately create an experience and tap into the emotional constraints of their big problems. The best thing about this marketing stream – someone else gathers tons of your ideal prospects together and you share your amazing content with a detailed call-to-action and voila you get the “groupie line” after you’re done.

4. Video – with YouTube being the 2nd highest search engine only to Google, using this marketing stream to share your content, influence your market and offer a variety of ways for people to engage after watching your video, you are bound to grow your business. I would like to add that all of my paid speaking engagements in 2012 came from the decision-makers finding me online and watching my YouTube channel. By the way, post various types of “you” on your channel. You giving tips alone, you in front of audiences, someone interviewing you, you name it, you should be able to find it on your channel. I have done one video each week for the past two years and I have gotten high paying clients, corporate contracts and exposure opportunities for my brand.

5. Testimonials/Case Studies/ Success Stories – in a world where people are looking to know that others just like them have gotten real transformation from working with you, the easiest way to facilitate that is through having a page on your website that shares your testimonials, case studies and success stories. Each of them makes it easier for you to attract new clients because people want proof that what they desire to invest in actually will solve their problem.

Which of the five will you start using first? Where will you make tweaks to your marketing strategy so that it becomes more effective? Share your feedback below.

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