5 Questions Entrepreneurs Must Answer To Find Their UNIQUE Voice in the Marketplace

There’s a lot of noise out there. Every day, millions of people, pieces of content, tweets and Facebook posts make it hard for you to get found by your most ideal clients.

Are you as sick of this as I am?

The truth is, it will continue to get hard to stand out online because that’s the place that everyone gravitates to. And, more importantly, because everyone is heading there, there’s tons more noise affecting your ability to break through to clients.

My recommendation: Don’t believe the hype. The conversion rate (the number of people who purchase your products and services) online is a staggering 1-3%, so why in the world would you expect to share your title and have it instantly convert to clients? My hope is that you won’t.

I was recently speaking in Vancouver at the Million Dollar Roundtable to thousands of business owners and I shared how they can stand out above the crowd. The key: going left while everyone else is going right.

About 3 years ago, I shot this video answering a question for Dominique who was struggling to find her authentic voice in the marketplace. Truthfully, if you’re trying to compete online you are likely experiencing the same struggle. Not surprisingly, what I shared with Dominique 3 years ago, still holds true today. Check out her question and my response below:

Like I shared in the video, there are five questions that you need to answer if you’re feeling like Dominique is – unauthentic, uninspired and unattractive to your ideal clients.

1. WHO is your Audience of One™ (demographics and psychographics)? In other words, who do you have a heart to serve? Serving people based on what is on your heart will make the impact you make in your work that much more rewarding and joyful for you. As you think about your Audience of One, be sure to ask yourself who they would say that they are so that you use words they’d use to describe themselves, which will increase the likelihood of the self-selecting to work with you.

2. WHAT is the top of mind SPICE problem that you solve for them? And, what is the solution you provide? Remember, my favorite business law – the universal law of business – find a group of people who have the exact problem that you solve who are ready to pay for a solution to that problem now. People in pain seek pain killers and you need to look like the right pain killer for them by speaking to the problem that they can’t stop thinking about. Remember, SPICE problems are Specific and Substantive, Persistent and Pervasive, Immediate and Insurmountable, Clear and Conscious and Expensive and Expansive. When you think about the problem you solve with this level of clarity and specificity, you’ll definitely connect authentically with those you desire to serve.

3. WHY is your message going to appeal to them? Why should they care what you have to say? In other words, what is it about your story, your journey and your results that will cause the change they are seeking? And why should they be listening to you now? This question will help you think about another universal business truth – WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) – this is the frequency that everyone is tuned in to. If you want to get anyone’s attention, you have to speak on their frequency.

4. WHERE can you find them so that you make marketing to them easy for you? Knowing enough about your ideal clients to identify where they are currently gathering together in numbers large enough for you to create a pipeline full of prospects is extremely important. Think in terms of events, groups, associations and those types of places. And consider getting out from behind your computer to speak. Speaking is an awesome way to meet new clients.

5. HOW will your voice be seen, heard and experienced by your Audience of One™? In other words, do you need to look a certain way? Do you need to sound a certain way or prepare a specific speech? And do you need to act or create a specific type of interactive experience for them? Does your message need to cater in a specific way?

And, you’ve got to find a way to stand out. The best way to ensure that your voice will be heard is to say something that isn’t already being said by every Tom, Dick or Harry speaker, coach, author. And finding your own way to say it will speak volumes because people are programmed to notice what is different. I’d also recommend that you be very clear and extremely specific about who you are serving and make your message more about them than it is about you. I love taking the contrarian view point – again when everyone else is going left, you go right. This immediately showcases your differences and gains the attention of your most ideal clients.

Now, I want to hear from you: What’s your two cents? Do you have advice for Dominique? How have you dealt with the need to speak your own truth in the marketplace? What have you tried that worked or didn’t work?

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