5 Reasons It Takes Time to Make the Move to Millions

There is a REASON why we state that it takes 1-3 years to make the Move to Millions AFTER you’ve set your business’ foundation.

It burns my biscuits when people think they can circumvent the process and protocol to scaling and sustaining a million-dollar company.

The amount of time it takes after your foundation is set depends on several variables including your success mindset, your clarity of focus, your validation that your market, message, and methods of reaching your market produce results, and so much more.

So many are looking for a quick hit, a quick win and an “overnight success” but making moving and leaving millions SUSTAINABLY doesn’t work that way. Remember you can’t hustle and grind with an expectation to sustain results.

It will take TIME to make the MOVE if you intend to sustain it.

We are honest about that, and we tell potential clients from the get go that if their goal is to make millions, they will need TIME….

To be clear… here are five reasons why you’ll need time if it your desire to make the move to millions and sustain it:

Number One: It will take time to determine the STRATEGY (packaging, pricing, positioning, promoting, and profiting) that you can leverage predictably to consistent month over month, quarter over quarter, year over year success. You may find yourself trying out several different offers before you find the one that resonates deeply with your pinnacle client. You may find that the market you are serving is not the most ideal one and must pivot and raise your messaging to reach the newly discovered pinnacle client that will benefit the most from your offer. You may try several marketing strategies before you land on the one that will work for you regardless of what is happening in the marketplace or economy. And it will absolutely take time to be found by enough of your pinnacle clients to gain traction leveraging your chosen strategy. The bottom line is strategy takes time from development to delivery while also evaluating the effectiveness before it becomes THE strategy that will take you to and beyond the million-dollar mark.

Number Two: It will take time to solidify a SALES infrastructure that is leveraged and gets consistently increasing conversions despite what is happening in the marketplace so that your sales and therefore revenue are consistent and growing over time. First, you must be aware that every product or service you offer will have a sales cycle. Tracking that sales cycle will take time and the time it takes will need to include KPI development and refinement. It takes time to find the sales rhythm that works best for your company and pinnacle client. Once you have the sales rhythm that works best for you it may take time to turn that sale into a leveraged sales system that will bring you multiple sales at a time instead of just one. You’ll need to create the system, the scripts, the process for overcoming objections and the cadence for follow up and all of these moving parts will impact the speed with which your sales are predictable enough to start the scaling process.

Number Three: It will take time to build out the core SYSTEMS in the 7 areas of your company that will allow you to thrive to and beyond the million-dollar mark. Systems are what make your millions predictable and taking the time required to develop the procedures, process flows and productivity points and measures across all seven systems will be worth the time you and your team take to develop, review, test, implement, assess, and tighten. Systems are an ongoing part of scaling and sustaining your business. Each of the seven areas are equally important so giving yourself time to work through your operational management, financial management, legal management, marketing management, sales management, client management and talent management is what we recommend that you begin before you think about scaling.

Number Four: It will take time to identify, write job descriptions for, hire, develop and retain the team and SUPPORT that will believe in your vision, show up fully and work like your company is their own. There are so many phases to hiring a the million-dollar team that you’ll need in place, and you’ll have to allow for time for each time member to become productive to the goals that you set for them so that your overall company goals are met and exceeded on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. The Human Resources function in your company could be a ticking time bomb if you don’t give yourself the space to create a vision and team for the highest good of your company.

Number Five: It will take time to foster a SUCCESS MINDSET that radically disrupts the limiting beliefs, childhood trauma and money consciousness, as well as positions you as a leader which each are essential to making, moving and leaving millions. Everything is mindset and your ability to look at each thing from a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset will ultimately determine how much time the other four areas take in getting your business to the million-dollar mark.

Trust me, the time will be well spent if you can avoid getting distracted and desperate because it is taking time to achieve the goals you set. Remember, no one goes to bed a blunder and wakes up a wonder and you don’t plant and harvest in the same season – it takes time.

Over the last 12 years, we have been working directly with six-figure entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders to help them scale and sustain companies that serve them financially and spiritually to and beyond the million-dollar mark. On average, our clients stay with us for three years, and many stay longer than that because they want to be in a community that understands not only the time it takes to scale and sustain but also offers the best ways to collapse time through tightening their core systems so that the million-dollar results come with ease and the stay longer.

If you are not willing to take the time and put in the work required to position, plan, and prepare for a business that can scale and sustain into a million-dollar company, it’s time that you realize that your millions will be delayed, and we are likely not the community and business transformation company for you.

If, however, you are looking for a place to spend time growing significantly financially and spiritually, click here so that we can start to talk about the time you made a decision and investment that changed your life and gave you more time for what you truly desire in your life and business because you took the time to make the Move to Millions.

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