5 Reasons Why You Need a Coach in Every Area of Your Life

Team of Young Business ExecutivesDo you REALLY need a coach for every area of your life?

Believe it or not, I get asked this question a lot and my answer is always the same:

If you could do it by yourself, it would already be done.  

While it may seem like I didn’t really answer the question, I did.  But to be clear and ensure we are on the same page, I will spell it out for you. Yes, I believe in the value of coaching and mentorship.  And not just because I am a coach and mentor, but because I can’t do it alone.  And trust me, I tried to be all things to myself and others and you know what?!  It doesn’t work.

Coaching as an industry is pretty significant.  Well it’s actually a sub industry of the personal development industry.  Upon my last research, the personal development industry was an $85.7B industry.  Why?  Because there is value in getting guidance, accountability and support to achieve your goals.  And so that we are clear, EVERYONE has coaches: President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Tony Robbins and yours truly.  And the reason is simple:

It’s hard to see the picture when you are the frame.

As I think about the question Randi asked which I am featuring in this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV, I think about my own journey.   But before I get ahead of myself, check out Randi’s question:

“Hi Darnyelle.  I have heard you speak before and you maintain that you need to have a coach in every area of your life if you’re wanting accountability and support to achieve your next level.  My question is simple , why do you swear by having coaches?”

See my response to Randi’s question here:

Now, what I didn’t share in the episode that is very important is the fact that true success stories rarely do it by themselves.  Why would we?  Nobody has time to be trying to be all things by themselves, well, at least not anybody with a vision, mission and a purpose.

You only need to have coaches, mentors and accountability partners IF you want to ensure that you achieve your goals.  If you like to talk to hear yourself talk, then you needn’t bother.

And I want to warn you, just because someone calls themselves a coach doesn’t mean that they really understand what coaching is and how it works.  Truth be told, coaches don’t tell you what to do.  They help you to find the answers within yourself.  One of my favorite definitions of coaches is this: Coaches tell you what you don’t want to hear and show you what you don’t want to see in order to help you to become who you were created to be.

And, so you know that I am not just blowing smoke, let me share that I have several coaches and mentors that I invest in: a financial management coach and advisor, a relationship coach, a health and wellness coach and of course a business coach and mentor.  Each has a specific expertise and is equipped to help me accelerate my results in those areas.

If you are going to hire a coach, my recommendation is that they be certified through an accredited program because that means they have been trained to help you accelerate your success.  Because coaching is de-regulated, anyone can call themselves a coach, put up an awning and get clients.  Be sure to get proof of their skills through the results they offer to others.

So here are the top 5 reasons why you need coaches in your life:

5. Left up to your own devices, it’s not getting better.  This honestly is another way of me saying if you could do it by yourself it would already be done.  You’ve likely tried and done all that you know to do and you’ve gotten to a point but you’re stuck.  A qualified coach will help you get unstuck and reposition yourself for what ever is next for you.

4. You are going through a transition.  When you are in transition, the need for guidance, accountability and support intensifies. Having access to a qualified coach will help to ease your transition. Whether the transition is significant or not, getting guidance can smooth the path you are taking to help you arrive at your destination quicker, more prepared and more confident in the process.

3. You see yourself as an investment in your future.  And, you want to be the best version of yourself in life, business, health, relationships and finances.  In order to do that, you should have a coach who can guide you in each area. When you value your contribution, your mindset will be one that is focused on getting the most out of your investment, and that is where coaching definitely comes in.  If you see yourself as a high achiever who desires more meaning, you need help to establish and continue in that grain.

2. You want to take better care of yourself. In many ways, coaching is a sign of self-care.  It means that you care enough about yourself to get help from others on your journey.  Be it setting boundaries, creating action plans, or whatever, if you want to experience better, consider getting a coach.

1. You are a coach.  If you are a coach who doesn’t have a coach, shame on you.  It means a few things and most importantly, it means you don’t believe in the industry you expect to make a living from.  If you are un-coached, how can you effectively coach others and what does that really say about you?  I always tell people to ask if the coach they are considering hiring has a coach.  If they do not, RUN.

If you are looking for qualified coaches to work with, contact me.  I’d love to share some of my clients who are amazing at what they do with you.

Now I want to hear from you, what’s your two cents?:   Why else should we have coaches in every area of our lives?  What reasons have I left off that have helped you to secure your coaches?

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