5 Reasons Why They Won’t Buy and Simple Strategies to Sell More Starting Today–Darnyelle A. Jervey

I received a question recently from a follower in Los Angeles and she wanted to understand why, despite all of her networking, she wasn’t selling anyone into her programs. She was confused because she was out 3 days a week networking with people she perceived to be her ideal client yet no one wanted to learn more or work privately with her.

Sadly, this happens to tons of entrepreneurs who haven’t quite successfully learned how to share who they are and what they have to offer in a way that leads to a closed sale. To help those of you who feel like my follower, I compiled my list of the top five reasons why they won’t buy from you:

1. They don’t understand what you’re offering. You’re most likely so concerned about the bells and whistles that you forgot to tell them the results. As I’ve heard it said many times, “features tell, but results sell.” You haven’t done a good job of highlighting the problem that will be solved by your solution. You’ve also not shared the solution in a compelling, results oriented way to indicate what they can expect if they work with you. To change this, focus on the results and benefits, not the steps or features. A feature is 30 minute calls but dig deeper, what will happen for them in that 30 minute call that will change their life and solve their problem?

2. They don’t understand the value. You’re most likely not helping then to understand that they need it. You’re not explaining the value in a way that makes them want it, which means for them, it’s not relevant. You have to make them want it. The best way to create desire is to get clear about what they need to solve their problem and use their words to convey the true value for investing with you right now.

3. They don’t believe you. In this instance, you’re likely talking to hear yourself talk; which means that there is no proof to substantiate your claims. Social proof is essential if you want to attract more ideal clients. How do you get social proof? Ask for testimonials and success stories from those who’ve worked with you and got a result, especially a result that you’re boasting to others who should work with you.

4. They think they can buy it anytime. You’re likely not illustrating a sense of urgency in your approach, helping them to understand how significant the problem is and counting the cost of the problem for them. If you’re not helping them to see that the longer they wait to solve the problem the more it will cost them (time, energy, money, frustration, stress, etc.) and they’re not likely to budge. To change this, figure out what the pain is costing them and show them that by working with you, the pain will stop and they will make money, save money, save time, reduce effort and/or increase happiness and fulfillment.

5. They don’t believe that working with you will truly solve their problem. This one really doesn’t have much to do with you; it’s tied to their mindset that they’re problem is too great to even bother trying to solve it. Truthfully, in this case, they don’t believe that even with your help they can do it. To help them here, you have to listen and reassure them based on the results you’ve gotten for other clients.

Your marketing (online or offline) must solve these five problems each and every time so that more prospects will be interested in going to the next step with you. If you fail to do so, you can forget being able to add more clients to your roster. But it can change as soon as you make compelling marketing a priority for your business.

Your assignment:

1. Contact previous clients and ask them for a success story or testimonial.

2. Re-write your program offerings based on results not features and memorize it for your selling conversations.

3. Create a bonus structure that allows them to gain more value only when they make a decision within the next 24 hours to work with you.

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