5 Simple Steps to Building your Personal Development Plan–Darnyelle A. Jervey

If you were to survey 100 six and seven figure entrepreneurs, I’m almost positive that over 85% of them would say that among their secret weapons to success, includes taking time away from working in their business to spend time on personal development.

I can recall when I was an employee and the company I worked for made it part of our goals and performance appraisal to spend a specific amount of time each year to grow personally.

Let’s be clear, growth in business is contingent upon growth in life. They are connected and to make a commitment to your personal growth and development is a catalyst for an amazing business transformation.

My personal recommendation is to get away from your day to day business activities every 90 days, or once a quarter. That way you can gain clarity and perspective from others. This will help you shift what must be shifted in your business so your next quarter is massively productive.

So, I have another recommendation for you. I recommend that you create a personal development plan because I know “what gets attended to gets done”.

Think about a simple trip to the grocery store…when you have a list, you’re focused and on purpose and purchase only what is on your list. When you do not take the time to plan for your trip and hit the store “willy nilly” you buy a whole bunch of stuff that you already have or don’t really need. I’m sure that the same happens for you. So to ensure that you don’t attempt to grow your business “willy nilly” creating a personal development plan will help to ensure that you will actually get what you need to achieve your business goals and reach your next level.

In preparation for 2012, let’s create your first or next personal development plan:

1. Get clear about your year’s business growth goal. Get to a quiet place and list what you would like to accomplish over the next year. What is your income goal? What is your client goal? What products or events do you want to create and launch?

2. Determine what you will need to achieve the goals you listed. What training, guidance, mentorship, etc… are needed to achieve these goals?

3. List the people (mentors, coaches, seminar leaders, joint venture partners, etc.) you would like to help you achieve your goals this coming year. Visit their websites and find out what they’re offering that could meet your needs. Find out the dates when they are holding an event that you can participate in.

4. Create your plan by taking a sheet of paper and making four quadrants, one for each quarter and list all of the options you found to develop personally throughout the next year. List them all and then go back and pick the four that will best suit your business goals. Or, you can find a mentor and join their mastermind program, most masterminds offering quarterly mastermind retreats every 90 days.

5. Make a non-negotiable decision to complete your plan in the next year. When you do, I am very confident that your business growth will have increased as a result of your personal growth.

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