5 Ways to Look Ahead!

Vision: 5 Ways to Look Ahead
“Look back…get stuck; look straight…maintain; look ahead…grow.” Darnyelle A. Jervey

Where we focus our eyes means a lot; the windows to our soul have the ability and propensity to shape our existence and determine the level of success we will enjoy in our lives. Think about it. Helen Keller is quoted as saying “there is nothing more pathetic than having sight but no vision.”

And vision is exactly to what I am referring today.

When you look back, your past is still dictating your life’s path. Phrases like “what had happened was…, I’m this way because when I was little…, My mother and father did this to me…” When we will you stop allowing your past to speak? The past is a cancelled check; we cannot get anything for it so why are we still looking there? Please show me an example of someone who has focused on the past and increased their future’s success? Exactly.

When you choose to focus your eyes right in front of you, your vision is limited because your scope and/or frame of reference is limited; how can you possibly conquer the world when all you are able to visualize is right in front of you. In these cases, you are just doing enough to get by. Nothing more, nothing less. Why in the world would the God of everything restrict your vision to just that which is right in front of you? He wouldn’t His word says, ‘people perish for lack of vision’ (Proverbs 29:18)

But when you look ahead, get excited, your whole world comes into view and you allow the possibility of a thing to guide you along as your vision becomes your focal point. The sky truly is the limit when you believe that anything is possible. Please do not limit yourself to only look straight in front of you. Look ahead and watch the incredible things that happen.

Even as a young girl, I was always looking ahead…to the next thing. My environment wasn’t the most positive…we don’t need to dweel on that; we’ve all got a story and mostly it’s the same….the point is this, I didn’t allow my surroundings to stifle me.I continued to look ahead. I never wanted to be defined by my situation, my promise was always my motivation to keep looking beyond what I saw right in front of me. Whatever your current circumstances, it is not forever, it is just for now so look ahead to better days and prepare yourself for the harvest that is to come.

Here’s what you can do:
1. Position yourself to let the past go. It may not be easy but what that we really want ever is? If you need a coach to help you “Burn the Box”, click here to contact me to schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation.

2.Make a list of the benefits of looking ahead. Knowing the pros and cons of any action helps us to solidify what we do. Why do you need to let the past go? Because it is stifling your future!

3. Make a vision board – what does your life look like? What do you want to see in your future. Remember, what gets attended to gets done so get to mapping it out.

4. Visualize yourself where you are going. Don’t think about where you are right now, think about where you are going. Start each new day with gratitude and then statements that begin “Today, I see myself….”

5. Believe that anything is possible by aligning your vision with action and do it! Make a step each day toward your end result.
Be Incredible,

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