7 Questions Your Website Must Answer to Be Considered Client Magnetic

Today, if you want to compete in the global marketplace, you must have a website. I think that most entrepreneurs get that. What many do not get however, is the need to make sure that the website will do the heavy lifting for you – meaning you have done your due diligence in its creation to ensure that once a user lands on it, they will take one of two distinct actions – 1. Sample your services via your free offer or 2. Buy something.

 I often will complete random website audits, just to see if today’s service based entrepreneurs have websites that can get them business (we use this as a way to create “cold call” opportunities.) Often, I am left saying they need my help because their website is a hot mess.

Some of the problems that are present on most of the websites I visit is that they are:

• not easy to navigate
• filled with useless information
• don’t demonstrate expert status
• have no free offer to build a marketing list or worse say “join my newsletter”
• don’t have full contact information in the event the end user wants to contact them directly

This leaves a big opportunity to learn how to create a website that will add value and position a purchase.

But how do we get to that point, you might ask. Great question. In my opinion, a website must be able to answer 7 questions in the minds of the consumer in order to ensure that they stay long enough to take action:

1. What is the problem you solve?
Remember the Universal Law of Business – “find a group of people who have the problem you solve that are ready right now to pay for a solution to the problem.” At the end of the day, if you are not problem-focused, you are leaving money on the table.

2. What is your Incredible Factor?
Also known as, what is your competitive advantage or why should I choose you over your competitor? These questions are essential in the minds of your prospect. If they cannot discover the answer to this question quickly upon arriving at your website, they will click away before you can say “I’m unleashing my Incredible Factor.”

3. Who have you helped solve this problem?
Here, I’m referring to testimonials or client success stories. Social proof is what drives others to buy. Everyone is looking for proof that someone just like them got the solution they crave from working with you. If you are unable to provide this, your ability to attract new clients will be severely limited.

4. How do I sample your work?
In today’s marketplace, you must have a free offer if you want to compete. So you need to make it obvious via your website exactly how they can “try before they buy.”

5. How can I experience you?
There many different modalities of learning, one of them is via an experience. This means where can I get close to you? Such as, an event. Whether live or virtual, people want to know that opportunities to get in front of you exist. You should definitely have a calendar of upcoming opportunities for people to experience you on your website.

6. How do I buy something?
Remember, nothing happens until somebody sells something. But you can’t sell if your website is not positioned for a purchase. Do you have a shopping cart? Merchant account? A Product? If you answered yes, how do you let them know they can buy it via your website? If no, get one as soon as possible. Your goal is to make it absolutely clear how they can buy from you.

7. How do I deepen my experience with you by learning more?
If you build your website correctly, they are going to want to know more. Is it obvious how they can learn more from you directly? Is it clear how to learn more, contact someone or send an email?

So, there you have it, the 7 questions you want to make sure your website answers. Now you can do more on your website if you like but at a minimum, focus on answering the 7 questions listed above. In my expert opinion these answers are the ones those ready to buy are seeking right now. If they are not able to see this easily in a way that makes it easy to navigate to find the answer you will lose them at hello.

Interested in having me conduct a website audit for you to help you to better position yourself so that you attract more clients? Consider a 45-minute Pick Darnyelle’s Brain Strategy Session  during which I will review your website, make client magnetic recommendations and walk you through them to ensure that you start to capture those who take a peek at your site so you can start to build a strong marketing list, attract more prospects and sell more of your products and services.



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