7 Shifts You Need to Master to Breakthrough in your Business

As you know, in May I am hosting a live event called Breakthrough in Business, and it’s an entire event that is not about marketing and sales. The way I see it, most entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t need another marketing or sales strategy – the ones they have work just fine. The problem is, they aren’t working the strategies because they are suffering from hindrances they don’t even realize.

Take a former client, Joan*, for instance. Joan was brilliant and talented. But she didn’t see herself that way. She was given an amazing opportunity to work with a large company in her hometown. When she priced the services she would render to solve their problem, she sold herself short by more than $200,000. In a coaching call, I helped Joan see that she had a limiting belief that told her that she wasn’t worth the full value of her offer. Despite knowing that if the client did what she suggested, they’d experience massive relief and make way more money. They’d also be grateful to pay whatever it took to get the results they wanted to move their company forward. This limiting belief almost cost Joan an additional $200,000. But because I was her coach and I was able to see what shifts she needed, I helped her to shift her belief and raise her rates to secure a nearly $300,000 client.

Last year I held a Master Class to preview some of the content and experience I will be sharing during the Breakthrough In Business Event. I thought it might be cool to share a clip with you (it’s about 8 minutes and worth the listen) that would help you to begin to frame your big breakthrough – you know… the one that is keeping you from the business that will fund the life you crave?




And, I also wanted to just quickly share the 7 shifts with you too. If in reading or listening to the audio clip, you feel called to this event, register soon as we only have about 30 seats remaining.

The 7 Shifts:

1. Alignment is your lifeline. Align is an acronym for:

Agreement with God
Leverages your
Gifts to create
New revelations daily. The key word here is daily – that means on a daily basis you have to check your alignment.

2. Focus only on victory. When you do, God is compelled to bring success to your doorstop. Realize that God’s will for your life is always something that exceeds your wildest and biggest dreams.

3. Forgiving your inner 7 year old is the beginning of your breakthrough. Remember that your life is a mirror for your beliefs, most of which you acquired between birth and the age of seven. Constantly reflecting back to you is what’s going on between your ears. If you don’t like the reflection, you need to change. If you don’t like your business we have to fix you. If there’s a problem in your business, look within.

4. God works through faith. You will breakthrough to what you want in direct proportion to your faith. Now i know you think you have faith. But how many of you find yourself worrying about any given thing every day?

5. Everything you want is already here. Perception will always tell you why you can’t or why it won’t happen. Perception keeps you trapped in the story. Faith says yes, you can. Whatever is needed has already been supplied.

6. A clear decision moves it to you. Once you decide (believe and don’t doubt) all of the universe rearranges itself to bring you what you wanted – Emerson

7. God is not holding anything back from you. Your job is to ask, God’s job is to fulfill.

In shifting to master these seven shifts, your breakthrough will open you up to get access to everything you desire and more.

Need help mastering these shifts? Consider joining us at Breakthrough In Business. Visit the website to learn more and secure your seat.

*actual client’s name was changed for anonymity

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