7 Simple Steps to Your Next Paying Client

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business – your business is only as successful as knowing where your next client is coming from. With all the ways you could be marketing at any point in time, it’s easy to get off track on identifying the best ways for you to attract new clients.

If you’ve gone more than a month without welcoming a new client, you’ll love a replay of a video I recorded in 2011 – yes it was nearly 5 years ago – but guess what? The content is still relevant.

Check out the video here:

As I share in the video, if you’re in business, you’re always looking for clients. Now you may re-engage previous clients or find brand new clients, but the fact remains: client development is a mainstay if you want to thrive in business.

Having worked directly with more than ten thousand entrepreneurs and business owners in my company’s tenure, I know that if you’re not attracting new clients, you’re probably not consistent with your marketing. Part of the reason I developed the Five Pillars of Business Optimization is to help every business understand what it takes at a granular level to achieve business success:


These five pillars when mastered will set your business up to keep a steady flow of ideal clients coming your way. Here are seven simple tips that will help you to leverage the marketing and sales pillars to welcome your next client this week:

1. Find out what they’d pay anything to fix. The universal law of business “Get found by a group of people who have the problem you solve that are ready right now to pay for a solution to the problem” demonstrates that if you take the time to get clear on the problem they have, you’ll get closer to welcoming a new client. If people only buy to fill a need or solve a problem, what need or problem would your ideal clients pay anything to fill or solve? Knowing their problem is the key to creating Magnetic Marketing and that problem should definitely be a SPICE Problem – a specific and substantive, persistent and pervasive, immediate and insurmountable, clear and conscious, expensive and expansive problem. Brainstorm all of the problems that you solve, and then find the one that is their top of mind, tossing and turning at 3am problem and build a solution around THAT.

2. Focus on the transformation. Most business people are so focused on the jargon and technical step by step processes that solve the problem of their client that they fail to show the result, outcome or transformation that one who buys their product or service will get. I’m sure you’ve heard the old business adage – features tell but benefits sell. If you begin to focus on the problem they have and transformation you provide when you speak to prospects, they will start to pay attention and eventually they will even open their wallets.

3. Go to where they’re already hanging out. If you go to where your ideal clients are and focus on the problem they have and transformation you solve, the law of averages say that someone will buy. I’m just saying, it is sometimes the simplest things that go undeveloped. So, where are your ideal clients gathering right now? Are they in a group or association? Do they frequent a particular type of event? Are they online? How can you connect with them, share your brand messaging with them and have them self-select as a person looking to solve THAT problem, right now?

4. Listen for cues of the problem. In the sales conversation, you’ll need to listen more than you talk. And, specifically listen for the cues that tell you that they have tried everything” and are no closer to a solution that will bring them change.

5. Give them multiple options. When you only have one option for them to work with you, you create a “take it or leave it” scenario and most will leave it. If you present several opportunities to get great results from working with you and those options represent multiple budgets, you will usually get them to take you up on one of them, which will allow you to close more clients.

6. Ask for the sale. I know this seems like a no brainer, but many people go through the trouble of sharing the value and blah blah blah, only to never ask for the sale. They assume that people are just going to tell you that they want to work with you every time. While I believe that sometimes people will just come right out and tell you they’re ready, especially when you learn how to create compelling selling conversations, more often than not, you will have to ask them if they’re ready to work with you. You can only get a yes if you ask… So, practice with me: Upon determining that they are the right fit for your solution to their problem, ask them: “Would you like my help in solving this problem?”

7. Follow up. Depending on your offerings and the investment levels, people may not be able to purchase on the spot. In those cases, you’ll want to have a follow up plan set. Know when you’ll reconnect and remember that you should plan to continue to follow up until you get either yes or leave me alone. Statistics show that most sales occur between the 3rd and 12th contact yet most people stop following up after the 2nd attempt.

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