7 Tips Entrepreneurs and Leaders Can Leverage to Experience Abundance in Their Lives Because of Their Businesses

I have a confession to make. I’m often frustrated because I meet so many business owners who are struggling when it doesn’t have to be that way. Part of the reason I do the work I do is because of my mission:

To help uncompromising entrepreneurs and business owners experience financial and spiritual abundance in their lives because of their businesses.

Honestly, it’s a big mission and I am more committed to it than ever. But that doesn’t stop people who want more in their businesses from struggling with understanding exactly what this really looks like. And more importantly, how to access it without struggle and frustration.

And, I get it. There was a time when I felt the same way. If you can imagine having more month than money, being tired, frustrated, unfocused, full of fear and complaining about any and everything, that was my reality. And it wasn’t that long ago either. Day in and day out, I was living a new day with the same (and worse) problems. But then I remembered something I had heard once: what you focus on expands. And instantly it shifted for me. I started to focus on what I wanted instead of what I had.

And that is why today I get on my pedestal and speak from a vantage point of what is possible if you shift. And forget what you’ve heard. Success in your business will only come from shifts in your life. After all, life and business are congruent. If there’s a problem in your business, there’s usually a problem in your life. As I like to say, you can’t have a booming business when you have a busted life.

A few years ago, I answered a question from Tosh. Check it out:

“Hi Darnyelle. I know that you are really big on experiencing abundance in your life and I believe this to be true that we should have financial and spiritual abundance in our lives because of our businesses. But my question is HOW do you operationalize this concept and bring it to life to access abundance? What does this mean daily in terms of what I should be doing?”

Check out my response to Tosh (my response is as true today as it was two years ago):

In this episode, you’ll surely notice that I talk about the importance of spiritual practices. It’s no secret (I hope you know this) that if you want to experience abundance, you have to have a spiritual life that is active. Notice I didn’t say religion. I’m talking purely tapping into and relishing on your spirit in connection with the Creator of our abundant Universe. For me that is God, but you may refer to God as Source, Spirit, All Knowing, etc. And, I’m cool with that if you are!

Because abundance is about so much more than finances, it’s important that you identify and leverage the strategies that will work best for you. And here’s what I know, if you do them CONSISTENTLY they will lead you to financial increase. Here are some ways to discover what will work for you:

1. Start each day with your daily spiritual practices. Whatever they are – meditating, praying, listening to uplifting music, whatever. The point is to maximize your first 20 minutes by tapping into your spirit and creating a shift subconsciously so you can welcome what you truly desire in your life.

2. Record a minimum of 5 things you’re grateful for. The reason we recommend five, is because 5 is the number of grace. It is in grace that God moves on behalf of those who express thanks. You can share as many as you’d like, but find at least five. If you have trouble with this, just open your eyes and give thanks for what you see. It is when we are grateful that we invite God to give us more of what we are grateful for.

3. Set an intention to connect with your ideal clients, grow your business, increase opportunities, etc. Whatever you’re desiring, speak it into existence. Be sure to use positive, present-tense statements to seal your request. I love the fact that universally whatever you ask for must be given to you. So get clear and ask for what you want. My favorite way to do this is to start with “I am so happy and grateful now that…” Then, fill in the blank what you are seeking to add to your life, career, business, etc.

4. Find an hour each day to sit in gratitude and reflect on all that you have and are blessed to experience. My recommendation is to break this up into mini gratitude or praise breaks. Four 15-minute breaks from the day to reflect on all that you have in this moment will make a big difference in every aspect of your life.

5. Practice writing afformations. Created by Noah St. John, an afformation is a question that is derived from a traditional affirmation (which is an “I am” statement.) Most people struggle with affirmations because they are trying to convince themselves that what they desire is possible even though what they are seeing right now is the contrary. Have you ever wanted to lose weight and stood in front of a mirror and said I am ten pounds lighter when you see your heavier self looking back and tried with every thing in your power to believe that? Exactly, that is why Noah suggests using affirmation to get the answers you’re seeking to shift your life. Saying I am ten pounds lighter while looking at your heavier self won’t work but asking why I am a healthier, lighter version of myself will require that the answer be provided to you.

6. Write thank you letters to God. This is one of my secret weapons. I like to Thank God in advance and I do so by writing thank you letters to him as if what I desire is already in my life. And you know what?! It shows up. I’m always looking back at my letters in amazement of how not only do I get what I thank Him for, but He goes above and beyond for me.

7. End your day by asking yourself three questions. I recommend that you don’t just jump into bed at the end of a day, instead, review and reflect by answering the following questions:

  • What difference did I make today?
  • How did I show love and light to others today?
  • What happened today that I am grateful for?

And whatever you do, avoid letting negative feelings and emotions ride you – remember, whatever you focus on expands… What I hope that you’ve realized is that everything I suggest has no business-oriented action associated with it. But, the truth is your life is congruent and by shifting your life, you will inevitably shift your business.

Don’t believe me? Try it for just 21 days. Practice the steps I list above for the next 21 days and if you stay consistent, at the end of the time (if not before) you’ll be having new opportunities to meet with new clients and experience growth in your business. I did this five years ago and that is why each year we are improving and have enjoyed 607% growth in the five years since I started the practices I share here. I know that you may be thinking there’s no way this can help my business but if what you’re doing now isn’t getting you to where you want to be, trust me and give it a try. 🙂

Now I want to hear from you, what’s your two cents?: Have you ever struggled with your daily spiritual practice? What have you done to experience a breakthrough in this area?

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