An Entrepreneurs Play List: 20 Songs That Inspire Business Building Confidence

There is something about music. It just changes things. Whenever I hear it, it shifts my mood and energy immediately – for better or worse. If it’s a song I don’t like, I cringe and try to shut it out as soon as possible but if it’s a song I love, I turn it up, stop what I’m doing and let the music and words infuse me. I begin to see myself differently as the song gives me power, courage, determination….

The power of music is one that every entrepreneur should enjoy. In my office, on any given day, I can erupt into a “praise party” or what we call a “shake your booty break” at my live events. It’s just the time to stop, feel the music, get the courage or inspiration to keep moving. You know, as entrepreneurs, we all have good days and not so good days. And we all have prospects tell us no. While I truly believe that a “no” from a prospect just means that they are not ready to experience transformation through you, they can be damaging to your confidence. And, confidence being the new currency is something that we need to keep in high supply so that we can attract more clients and create more revenue for our businesses.

I’m sure other experts would share other ways to keep your confidence high and honestly I have and will continue to do so but one sure-fire way is to allow music to stir your soul, get you hyped and make you feel like YOU are exactly what your prospects need to get big transformation in their lives. The right song can do it.

For as long as I remember, I have had a theme song. In fact, I change my theme song every year, a song that I play before every big speech, before every client discovery session or meeting with prospects, a song that makes me feel like I am the “ish.” Like I am the only way they will get this problem solved and you know what happens? I am confident, I am poised and I am positioned to articulate exactly what they need to hear, believe and feel would change in their businesses should they work with me.

Because it works for me, I am confident that it can work for you. Here are some of my favorite songs, any of which could become your next theme song. Have a song we should add to the list, leave a comment below:

(In no particular order) Darnyelle’s picks for Motivational Theme Songs for Today’s Entrepreneur:

• I Got This. Jennifer Hudson
• Go Get It. Mary Mary
• Bravo. Ledisi
• Super Star. Lupe Fiasco
• For the Love of Money. The O’Jays
• Outstanding. Gap Band
• Firework. Katy Perry
• Unwritten. NaTasha Beddingfield
• Eye of the Tiger. Survivor
• Let’s Get It Started. Black Eye Peas
• Upgrade You. Beyonce Featuring Jay-Z
• Billionaire. Travie McCoy Featuring Bruno Mars
• Big Things Poppin. T.I.
• It’s Your Thing. Isley Brothers
• Empire State of Mind. Jay-Z Featuring Alicia Keys
• I’m Every Woman. Chaka Khan or Whitney (you decide)
• I’ve Got The Power. Ce & Ce Music Factory
• Live Your Life. T.I. Featuring Rihanna
• Never Say Never. Justin Bieber
• One Step At a Time. Jordin Sparks

Pick one. Pick several. It doesn’t matter; create a play list with them all. The bottom line is this: listen to them when you need an infusion of confidence to close the sale, wow the crowd or finish your long awaited book. Confidence is king; confidence is the new currency and with confidence you will be seen as an expert in your industry and gain the trust of prospects who will be ready to invest in themselves through your products and services.

Did we forget a song that does it for you? What songs should be added to this list? Leave us a comment below sharing your theme song and how it’s helped you to grow your confidence and therefore grow your business.

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