Anchored Ascension: A Guided Journey to Unprecedented Success in 2024

This week on the Move to Millions ® Podcast , we start season 5 with a brand new episode where I share my theme for the year. I’m not gonna lie; I cannot wait for you to listen to this new season!

Introduction: Embracing a Year of Transformation

As we step into 2024, the air is charged with the promise of elevation and evolution. At the end of last year, as I was reflecting and preparing for the new year, two words started to come into my life experience often.  Those two words became my theme of the year:  Anchored Ascension.  As an entrepreneur or small business owner who is focused on making the move to millions, anchored ascension extends beyond just goal-setting; it’s about preparing for next level success. In my opinion, the fastest way to ascend is to detach from outcomes and introduce a culture of surrender. When you do, your acceleration will bring your goals into view much more quickly. 

Detachment and Surrender: The New Route to Success

As you listen to the episode, you will hear me make a compelling case for relinquishing control. Season 5 of the podcast advocates for breaking traditional ties with resolutions, opting instead for a theme that forms the core of one’s aspirations—a practice I boldly embody. This approach sets the tone for entrepreneurs to embrace a journey of ascension without being tied to expectation and control.

Celebrating the Past, Cultivating the Future

Reflecting on the milestones and challenges of 2023, I celebrated triumphs such as the launch of my best-selling book while acknowledging personal trials like the passing of my father. Being transparent with both victory and vulnerability offers an authentic view into the life of a successful entrepreneur, shaping the narrative of my message to listeners—growth is multifaceted, and adversity is an inherent part of success.

The Year of the Open Door

2024 stands as a year where what you desire is coming into view. I firmly believe that while some doors closed in 2023, it was not a sign of endings but new beginnings. The doors that remained open symbolize opportunities awaiting those ready to embark on their journey of anchored ascension.

Anchored Ascension: Delving Deeper to Soar Higher

The podcast introduces the powerful theme ‘Anchored Ascension,’ a call to deepen our roots in expertise and trust. The move to go deeper in our businesses, messages, and solutions becomes pivotal to attaining higher levels of success and reaching for millions. Anchoring implies stability and resilience, while ascension hints at advancement and elevation—a duality promising a revolutionary path to growth.

Move to Millions Live: A Conclave of Clarity and Community

The much-anticipated Move to Millions Live event outside Washington, D.C., is my premier experience showcasing my commitment to community-building. This event promises attendees clarity, collaborations, and the chance to integrate into a community with a shared vision. It also celebrates the launch of my upcoming book, providing another avenue to reaching the seven-figure mark without burnout.

Wellness and Wealth: The Dual Pillars of Success

This year, I want to realign the focus of well-being alongside financial prosperity. The year 2024 will not just herald financial abundance but will also focus on advancing in wellness to become a more healthy and wealthy vessel. This approach encourages you, the listeners, to adopt a holistic view of success, which includes mental, physical, and financial health.

Conclusion: Seize Your Birthright to Millions

I want you to embody your next-level selves, and to do this, there is a need for radical honesty and unequivocal commitment to personal and professional development. In this week’s episode on the Move to Millions ® Podcast, I welcomed the audience to share their Anchored Ascension stories, emphasizing the power of community in elevating individual journeys.

In closing, I want to remind you of your birthright to abundance and success. Action is the clarion call of Move to Millions—without it, the open doors of 2024 remain untraversed hallways of what could be. I urge you to make your move, to not just dream of millions but to take strategic, grounded actions towards achieving them.As the Move to Millions Podcast gears up for a transformative season, I want to help you set your stage of anchored ascent. To access the complete episode and explore more inspiring stories, impactful interviews, and business growth strategies, visit the Move to Millions podcast website or your preferred listening platform The move to millions begins with a single step, and me and my team stand as your invaluable companion along the way!

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