Are you a Passionista?

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel for entrepreneurs who have a desire to turn their passion into a paycheck. One of my fellow panelists said something that spurred a couple of incredible emotions in me and really made me look at the passion that rests inside of my bosom. I decided a long time ago and I wanted to make sure that whatever I did when I grew up, it would bear fruit. But not just any fruit, passion fruit. Passion fruit is sweet, juicy and full of vitamins and effective minerals to aid the body in digestion, weight loss and other key things. So I took the analogy of being a passion fruit bearer to the next level and decided to make sure that everything that I did, personally and professionally would have to be sweet, juicy and full of vitamins and effective minerals for the personal and professional growth of others as well as myself. So, to make it happen I employed a few simple steps that I am asking you now so that you can determine if you, too are a passionista, capable of bearing that sweet, juicy, vitamin fruit not just for yourself but also for the others who will follow the lead that you set in your life.

You might be a passionista if you:

1. Have identified your Purpose. Knowing what you are here for is so important if you want to exude passion or, the ability to eat, sleep and drink about that thing that makes it alright that other areas of your life go untouched or uninfluenced so long as your passion is ignited and you are working hard to make your dream and zest for life come true…in whatever form it is currently taking. Passion means that you will “pass it on” to others so that you can inspire and ignite them to burn the box of trepidation, despair and doubt and move into peace, performance and prosperity.
2. Have an Abundance mentality. – Poverty is a mindset. There are many people who lack financial resources that are rich because their mindset is full of hope, desire, determination and most importantly abundance. Even when you lack, you can have so much if you remove mediocrity from your vocabulary.
3. Have decided that you will create your own destiny in Confidence. Success is not for the faint at heart. If you want big things, you must do big things. You must fail big but you must get back up and keep it moving. Confidence says “I’ve got this, without saying a word.” Confidence knows that no matter what it looks like right now, I am on top of my game and I will not give up no matter what. To be a true passionista, confidence must be your mainstay in life because I promise you that the disappointments and moments of despair are coming. Sometimes we can see them far off, other times we cannot, but a confident passionista does not get alarmed regardless of what the situation looks like.
4. Have decided that you will not allow what you see to adversely affect what you believe. I am sure that this one is pretty self-explanatory. Your faith aligns with your P.A.C.E.
5. Are enthusiastically expecting for the best in all situations. Again, expectation does not look at right now, it looks at what is to come. Expectation does not get caught up in where you are from because it is already looking ahead to where you are going!
6. Cannot sleep at night because the assignment you’ve been given keeps a fire burning in your heart that says “I cannot rest until I have done what I set out to do.”
7. Surround yourself with Incredible people…people who speak the Incredible, live in power and expect the Incredible in their lives. You become like the 5 people with whom you spend most of your time….Are they powerful? Are they Incredible, Are they a passionista?
8. Are a thermistat and not a thermometer…Thermometers are controlled by their surroundings…changing their temperature to suit the environment in which they are positioned; yet, thermistats set the P.A.C.E. and determine the levels of control in their lives. As a passionista, you must be in control of something – your mind, will and emotions.
9. Are fertilizer and not weed killer. Are you nourishing good ground with your words, thoughts and actions or are you killing the hopes and dreams of another because you are an Incredible SnatcherTM? Or better still are you killing yourself softly with your doubt, debt and despair?
10. Complete a self-assessment or Inspect the Incredible that you are to become on a frequent basis. As they say, “school is never out for the pro.” Well, change is never out for the Incredible. Move with the cheese, yet stand firm in your determination and non-negotiable decision to achieve your heart’s desire by being a living example of passion fruit and bearing your passion proudly and boldly for all to see and marvel while they say, “Man, he/she is Incredible! He/She must be a Passionista!”

Darnyelle A. Jervey is an empowerment speaker, author and consultant from Newark DE. Are you a Passionista is an original work of Darnyelle A. Jervey, Founder of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC. For more information, please see or All rights reserved. 2009

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