Aundrae Gaskin: Called Because of Imperfection

“When you build a relationship with God, you build a relationship with yourself.” –Aundrae Gaskin

About Our Guest: Aundrae Gaskin is an Executive Coach, Business Consultant and Dynamic Keynote Speaker who specializes in helping Executives and Thought Leaders Rapidly Increase their Reach, Relationships, and Revenue. His dynamic ability to simplify complicated ideas, concepts and theories and create practical and actionable steps for individuals to achieve their desired goals faster and with greater ease is second to none. Aundrae is an impactful businessman who has proved to be a valuable asset to all who have worked with him. The motto Aundrae lives by and relentlessly communicates to audiences all over the globe is to Decide and Conquer which means to cut away from our undesirable past, determine exactly what we want for our lives in the present, and conquer everything in our way in order to manifest our desired life into our ultimate reality in the future.

Episode Summary: In the still on the morning or the quiet of the night, do you ever ponder why God called you, with all of your flaws, misgivings and split focus? If you answered yes, then today you’re in for a treat because our guest says, you are called because of your imperfections!

In this vulnerable and transparent interview, Aundrae charts a path for you to stop giving in to the excuses of your past so that you can explore the abundance in your future. That’s right, done is better than perfect, and it is in the done moments that God gets to show up and show out in your life and business! Regardless of where you are on the business growth continuum, Aundrae shares a gem that will shift your spirit and reset your work ethic so that you get into consistent action doing the internal work necessary to manifest your outward desires. His vulnerability is inspiring and you’ll be blessed to realize that you, just like him, are called because of your imperfections. Listen in to discover:

  • How to get started and stay started until your desires manifest
  • The #1 culprit to missing your potential and the powerful shift that can get you back on track
  • The 3 steps to maximize your current level while showing God that you’re ready for your next

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Powerful Quotes from the Episode:

“Everything God did was radical.” –Aundrae Gaskin

God never hovered over the mediocre.” –Aundrae Gaskin

“You have to transform yourself internally before you can manifest externally.” –Aundrae Gaskin

“Loss is a powerful motivator.” –Aundrae Gaskin

“My life changing moment was understanding that I was called because I was imperfect.” –Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

“When you build a relationship with God, you build a relationship with yourself.” –Aundrae Gaskin

“I was called into the ministry when I was 27 and then I had two children 13 days apart. You can do the math – it didn’t add up, but God called me anyway…” –Aundrae Gaskin

Aundrae’s Incredible Factor Wisdom Questions:

Last book Aundrae read: “Jesus, CEO” by Laurie Beth Jones
Favorite Quote: “Transform who you are on the inside to manifest what you want on the outside.” –Aundrae Gaskin
Tool Aundrae can’t live without to grow his business: Evernote

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