Community = Currency: Why The Rooms You Enter Matter

Have you ever heard the saying “the rooms you enter matter?”

God Girls Making Millions is the room that they are talking about.

The truth is, the construct of faith and business isn’t new. Sure, Fannie Lou Hamer convinced the world to separate church and state, but today, those of us who are paying attention know that there is a new revelation coming through for those who value both our faith and our ability to run thriving, profitable businesses.

All that is missing is a safe space to talk about it.

God Girls Making Millions is that safe space.

Check out this video from last year’s luxury mastermind. If you feel moved, our waitlist is open for you to add your name to those who desire to get in the room.

Last year, GGMM drew high-achieving women of faith from all over the country. And, they all remarked about how this experience is something that they didn’t even know how bad they needed. They are the reason we decided to do it again.

In full transparency, the waitlist already has 200 women on it.

We have space for a maximum of 40 women to join us.

The only way to guarantee that you get the option to apply is to get on the waitlist.

If you have a friend who should join you for the experience, be sure to forward this email to her so that she can get on the waitlist too.

I hope to see your name on the waitlist.

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