How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy and Calendar That Will Attract Ideal Clients

content-is-kingIn today’s marketplace, content is king.  But not just any kind of content.  Content that meets the following criteria:

It’s educational.  Gone are the days when you can just scream “buy my stuff,” and have people buy your stuff.  Today, you have to demonstrate your expertise and your knowledge of their problem.

It’s emotional.  The problem you solve must connect with your ideal client emotionally.  If you don’t unearth any pain in demonstrating your expertise, you’re going to miss the mark of wooing and winning your prospects into purchasers.

It’s experiential.  Only when you create an experience from the moment they land on your post, website, blog, etc will you keep them engaged long enough to consider the possibility of you helping them with their problem.

It’s focused on a problem.  At the end of the day, I always remind you to remember the Universal Law of Business: Find a group of people who have the problem that you can solve who are ready, willing and able to make an investment to solve it.  Or as I like to simplify, if you’re not solving a problem, you’re not producing profit.

If this sounds like too much, you may be feeling how Janet felt when she submitted this question which I’m happy to answer in this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV:

“Hi Darnyelle.  I heard you mention a content marketing calendar and strategy in a recent interview that I was watching and I am stumped.  Would you please share what a content marketing strategy is, how you create a content marketing calendar and then what you do with it once its done.”

Hear my response to Janet’s question in this week’s episode:

Again, let me reiterate the truth:  Today’s marketplace is one that demands you demonstrate your expertise.  Gone are the days when you can just post “buy from me” and expect to get sales.  Because we live in an information age, content is an important part of ensuring that you attract and retain quality clients and customers.  A content marketing strategy is simply the method that you will use to get your information into the marketplace.  So, as a business owner and expert in the area of your choosing, you know some things about what you do and how you solve problems for others, right?


In order to demonstrate it, you simply need to create a calendar and specify the date on which you intend to share that content with your potential clients.

Are you saying, ‘I get it,’ but asking yourself how?  Here are my favorite ways:

  1. Write down 52 questions that your ideal clients would have about your products and services and use your blog, articles and videos to answer those questions. Once your content calendar is done (one a week for 52 weeks) you just schedule time to create the content and disseminate through your chosen marketing vehicles.
  2. Come up with 52 topics that are within your area of expertise that you can share with your prospective client audience. Similar to the strategy above, you will share one topic each week for a year.  You’ll map out the order in which you share the content using a calendar and I also recommend that you organize the topics in some sort of progression.
  3. Allow your community to submit questions to you at least 6 weeks in advance.  That way, you’ll always have content to share that is relevant because your community is telling you that is what they need to learn more about.

And, don’t be concerned about sharing everything you’ve got.  It’s impossible.  Your expertise is infinite because you’ll always be learning new things that add value and demonstrate why you’re the only choice for your prospects.

Your assignment:

  1. Pick your way of coming up with your content.
  2. Purchase a calendar, use an online calendar, or create an excel spreadsheet with the dates for the day each week you plan to share your content.
  3. Start building your content.
  4. Start sharing your content.
  5. Start attracting new clients using this new content marketing strategy.

Now I want to hear from you, what’s your two cents?:  How do you come up with your content?  What strategy would you add for Janet and others like her in the Incredible Factor community?

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