Describing Your Incredible Factor for Results-Darnyelle A. Jervey

Many of you have heard it said on numerous occasions that “life & death lie in the power of the tongue.” I certainly subscribe to this statement. And what’s more, how you describe your gifts and talents to others is a direct correlation to giving your Incredible Factor life or eulogizing it.

Think about it. When you get the chance to introduce yourself to someone, what do you say and more than that, how do you say it? Do you take the opportunity to celebrate your success, or do you downplay your accomplishments because you don’t want to appear “self-centered”? Invest in a coach or mentor to show you how to describe who you are so that it produces profit. I’m available to help you turn your passion into a profit when you are ready to play BIG.

Are you using the power of your tongue to describe your Incredible Factor so others see you as the ONLY solution to their growing problem?

I work with many clients and when they come to me, they are so unsure of how to describe their Incredible Factor in a way that creates clients, income and freedom. I’m going to share with you exactly what I share with them. Many of them are “gun shy” when it comes to highlighting their success for others.

Let me put it this way, if your Incredible Factor’s purpose is to create income on a full or part time basis, then you’ve got to get clear on exactly how to describe what you do so others see you as the only solution and prepare to take action to get you to solve their problem. Here are my tips:

1. Focus on the benefits you offer and the solutions you provide and NOT the actual process you take clients through. If you focus on anything other than the results you provide, you are being self-centered and even though you are talking about your Incredible Factor, it’s about them, not you. You already know you’re the bomb but because they do not, you may self-destruct. We want others to feel the impact of your explosion. Trust me, it works.

2. Determine exactly who benefits from your product or service, that’s right, I’m talking about identifying your ideal client. Not knowing this is a serious mistake. If you are naive enough to believe that you help everyone, that may be why your Incredible Factor is not paying off in the form of clients or income. You must identify the one exact person who has the problem that you solve and who is ready to spend money RIGHT NOW to solve it. Period. Anyone else who hears you describe your Incredible Factor and takes action is butter.

3. Create a power statement that includes: your company name, the problem you’ve identified, your gift, those who benefit from your gift and the problem you solve. Use the following formula to ensure it is widely effective: I help X do Y so that they can Z. x=ideal client, y=problem you solve, z=the result they achieve.

4. Have a client success story that illustrates results ready should time permit. I recommend making it one with quantitative results. Remember the 5 motivators and ensure that the problem you solve and the success story you choose touches on at least one.

5. Be passionate and enthusiastic. If you can’t get excited about Your Incredible Factor don’t expect anyone else to.

Once you are done describing your Incredible Factor, ask them what they do and ask them what challenges they are currently facing. Listen to determine if you can solve their problem. If you can, speak up!

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