Do You Know Who Your Incredible Factor is Ideal For? – Darnyelle A. Jervey – Coach, Speaker, Author

When it comes to starting your business marketing efforts, it’s very important to realize two very important truths. Number one, marketing is the oxygen of your business. Truthfully, you are not in the business you think that you are in; you are actually in the business of marketing – marketing your products and services, that is. And secondly, if you do not get clear on who you are marketing your products and services to, you will not benefit immensely in your business life.

As a business coach, I help my clients craft their ideal client profile by asking a series of thought-provoking questions – forcing them to look at the areas that they probably would not have otherwise thought about. Because they can’t see the big picture and their mindsets hinder their ability to achieve business growth and success and every time, they get BIG results….The result…every time is a concise encapsulation of their one ideal client. In doing so, they gain clarity on how to communicate to their ideal client and their ideal clients appear, ready to take action on their products and services. They begin to attract and turn potential clients into paying clients over and over again.

Because I want to see your small business thrive and I know that it will when you establish your ideal client profile, I will share a few of the most important questions you must ask yourself if you truly want to grow your small business with the right clients from the start.

• Is your ideal client a man or woman?
• Does your ideal client fit into any special groups, categories or professions?
• How much money does your ideal client make?
• How many times each year does your ideal client buy products and services like those you provide?
• How much money does your ideal client spend on products and services like those you provide each year?
• What is the pain point or struggle that your ideal clients have?
• How do you take away their pain? Show results not steps

There are many more important questions to ask to craft your ideal client profile. These are just some of the very important ones. I offer my clients an entire worksheet and framework for identifying and crafting their ideal client profile. If as you read the questions suggested that you answer and felt uncomfortable or anxious, perhaps a mindset shift is necessary. Working with a coach will help you to get out of your own way and open the flood gates to the success you started your business to enjoy.

Be Incredible,

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