Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs–Darnyelle A. Jervey

Questions to answer this week:

  1. Am I clear on my audience of one? Who are they?
  2. How often do I send a content rich marketing communication to my list?
  3. How often do I go out to network where my ideal clients are present?
  4. When I do network, what is my follow up strategy? Is it effective?
  5. How often do I write an article that highlights a problem that my ideal clients has?
  6. How many hours each day am I marketing? Are the results measurable? How can I begin to track the results of my marketing so that I can be clear of the impact my marketing is making?
  7. How is social media working for me? Am I meeting new prospects or tire kickers? What can I do to meet more people who are ready to hire me?
  8. Do I get new leads into my office each week?

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